How to choose a boiler for heating a private house

When building a country house, it is useful to think in advance how you will provide heating at home. The "heart" for the heating system is correctly chosen even at the stage of designing your home, this will save you not only from unnecessary costs, but will make the operation of your heating system simple, safe and affordable. We will try to lay out everything on the shelves and find out what to look for when choosing a heating boiler.


Choose the type of fuel

When choosing a boiler for heating a private house, you need to determine the choice of energy source, which will operate your heating system.

Boilers are divided into four types:

- The electric boiler has a high power consumption, but they are easy to use and very functional in terms of control. They have small dimensions and are almost noiseless. The disadvantages of electric boilers include a high price for electricity, low power, as well as the need for a three-phase 380 V network, for boilers with a capacity of over 9 kW.

- Liquid fuel boilers run on diesel fuel. The advantages of such boilers include high efficiency, high power factor. Boilers with diesel fuel should be installed in a well-ventilated room with an air temperature of at least 7 ° C. Also to the disadvantages can be attributed great prices for diesel fuel and a high level of noise during the burner.

- Gas boilers are the most economical, if you have a main gas, install a gas boiler. Natural gas is the most popular, convenient and inexpensive type of fuel. We remind you that the gas boiler must be registered in the gas service. Liquefied gas.

- Solid fuel boiler works on wood, wood pellets, coal, coke.

The main plus of solid fuel boilers is that they are completely autonomous. They work in those regions where there are problems with the supply of gas and electricity. Reliability and low cost of the boiler, cheapness and availability of fuel, too, speak in favor of a solid fuel boiler.

There are universal boilers capable of operating at once on several types of fuel. Attention! Electric boilers, diesel boilers, gas boilers are electrically-driven, in case of interruptions with electricity, you can lose heating. We recommend installing a voltage regulator and an uninterruptible power supply. Places to buy a boiler such as MJ Burrells in Bedford.

Installation method

When choosing a boiler for heating a private house, it is necessary to provide a room in which it will be installed. Wall boilers take up less space than floor-standing boilers. How to choose a boiler for heating the house by the installation method? After all, the correct location of the boiler installation can save not only the living space, but also the costs of installing the heating system.

The most convenient are wall-mounted boilers (gas or electric), they are compact and can be installed in the kitchen, in the pantry, in any small room. In this case, if the capacity of the boiler (s) does not exceed 100 kW, then the room is not presented with additional requirements, except for ensuring the air supply in the volume necessary for the operation of the heating boilers.

The floor installation method is mainly used for boilers with liquid or solid fuel. Specially adapted premises, which must be equipped with both ventilation and fire safety facilities.

The installation method is affected by the weight of the boiler. The weight of the boiler indirectly affects the power. The power of the boilers starts from a level of 18 kW, and then varies. For wall boilers the limit is about 90 kW, floor, as a rule, there are more than 100 kW.



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