Why do we need marketing research?

Carrying out of marketing researches is calculated on reception of the authentic data on the market on which it is necessary to sell production or services, about the intrafirm environment which has an important influence on activity of the company, about tools of marketing which should be effectively applied, about the external environment influencing work of firm and Other data, inextricably linked with the opportunities and prospects of the company.

Particular attention marketer, engaged in marketing research should devote to the structure of research, because it allows complete, reliable, adequate and relevant to receive and extract the necessary information.

The main result of marketing research should be the generation of marketing information that is necessary for management personnel to make decisions. These solutions can relate to areas of interaction of all elements of the company's marketing system. These decisions directly concern the issues of making the right decisions in relation to the quantity, quality of goods and transactions needed by the market, as well as observance of those factors that are characteristic of the external environment, primarily for consumers.

If we talk about goals, then marketing research has a very clear and transparent goal of creating a general concept that gives an idea of ​​the structure, market conditions and laws of the market on which the company operates. The main advantage of the company, which has quality, analyzed and evaluated results of marketers research, is the opening opportunities for effective work on improving competitive qualities due to changes in technologies, structure, products and services that are used and produced by the company.

Without a well-developed and constantly updated research results of the marketing department, it is impossible to generate effective business solutions. Only the right, well-organized conduct of these studies can serve as a guarantee of reducing entrepreneurial risks, improving the competitiveness of the company.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the section of the business plan "marketing analysis", in which the results of the relevant studies are presented through Lionhaus, is of the greatest interest to investors. The better the research is done, the better the analysis is done, the more opportunities the company has to implement far-reaching plans for development and promotion.

Thus, marketing research is an urgent need for every modern firm. Knowledge of the characteristics of the external and internal environment, characteristic of modern organizations, gives great opportunities to develop, adjust and improve the quality of activities, both in the domestic and foreign markets.


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