Indica vs Sativa: What's the Difference?

The difference between sativa and indica cannabis. Learn more about these two species, how they differ, and which strains tend to be stronger than others.

Indica and sativa are the two primary species of cannabis. Throughout history, cross-breeding of these two types of marijuana has given birth to a variety of popular hybrids with unique characteristics. While these two species share many similar qualities, each is also distinct in a number of different ways.

Indica vs Sativa
One of the primary differences between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa is appearance.
• Sativa plants are tall with long and narrow leaves. Sativa is best suited for outdoor growth, and plants can reach heights of 20 feet.
• Indica plants are much shorter, denser and have wider leaves. Indica is the better option for indoor growing.

Appearance aside, sativa and indica typically have different effects on users.
Indica strains tend to have a much stronger analgesic effect. They generate what smokers call the "couch lock". They're relaxing and calming, and best suited for use at night. Indica strains also tend to stimulate appetite, so they're a great choice for those suffering from anorexia or poor appetite.
Sativa tends to create a cerebral and uplifting effect. Some strains are hallucinogenic, while others tend to give a great energy boost. For these reasons, sativa tends to be the optimal choice for daytime use, and is the preferred choice for medical marijuana patients.

Indica and sativa strains also have differing tastes. Sativas can have a variety of flavors from fruity to ammonia-like. Indicas can also be fruity, but you'll find "skunk" flavors, too. Skunk flavors are primarily found in indica hybrids.
Glowering and Yields
Indicas have a much shorter flowering time than sativas. Sativas can take as long as 20 weeks to finish, while indicas typically finish in 10 weeks. Indicas also tend to have a much higher yield.
What's the Strongest Weed?
If you read through some of the most popular weed strain reviews, you'll find that the strongest strains tend to be hybrids.
The higher the THC levels, the stronger the strain will be. Bruce Banner #3, for example, has a THC percentage of 28.35, which makes it incredibly potent.

While hybrids tend to be stronger, there is still some debate as to which species (sativa or indica) is stronger.
There seems to be conflicting information on THC and CBD ratios for each species. One group argues that sativa tends to have higher THC levels and lower CBD levels when compared to indica strains. Others argue that indica plants have higher THC:CBD levels than sativa plants, which have a higher CBD:THC ratio.


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