Fun, Money and Good Times that Fit Into your Pocket

How much do you have to pay for a visit to Las Vegas? Or Macau, or Monaco, or Atlantic City, or even Venice? Count the airfare, the lodging, the food, the money you spend gambling... is it worth it? It sure sounds like a waste of money (and time). But for many, a yearly visit to Las Vegas, Reno or even the nearest Native American casino is a must. Except for the residents of three states in the US, the majority of Americans have to spend a lot of extra cash on these trips. But soon they might be getting the same benefits their European counterparts get - the possibility to take their favorite casino with them in their pockets. On their smartphones.

Entertainment on the go

Europe doesn't have the huge casino resorts the US, or even China, has. One of the reasons for this might be the fact that Europeans can play the same games online, on their smartphones, without having to leave their home. Or put on pants, for that matter.

They can simply unlock their smartphones, navigate to the All Jackpots Online Casino at alljackpotscasino.com and start playing right away. The All Jackpots offers them a game variety you would have to roam the whole Strip to find: hundreds of slot varieties, virtually all forms of table games, bingo and keno, casual games, arcade games - in short, whatever they might be seeking to. All this from their own desk, playing comfortably in front of a computer, with no crowd, the background music of their choice, and always within a few steps from the fridge.

Or if they want, they can do so wherever they are - provided they have an internet connection. And in most places they do have that - either mobile broadband, or free WiFi. So any place they are can be an All Jackpots Casino.

How about complimentary stuff?

Casinos in Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City offer their visitors complimentary food, drinks, and whatnot, things that are hard to match by online casinos. But they give their players the next best thing: money. The All Jackpots Casino offers its new players a welcome package worth up to $1,600, and further bonuses on the way. Besides, they have attractive promotions each month - in May, for example, they offer their players the chance to scratch a card and win up to $25,000.

Amazing jackpots

When it comes to jackpots, online casinos are hard to beat. There are hundreds of them, after all, connected to the same network, with tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of players contributing to the same massive amount. This is why online casino jackpots are growing like crazy. Mega Moolah, the biggest of All Jackpots' jackpots, was hit this April, and it's already close to $10 million. Which land-based casino can compete with that?


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