A new look at betting: betting on eSports

Bookmakers offer a new service for gamers - betting on a major tournament on computer games. They are interested in the adult part of the audience - the people who make good money and are willing to spend money on a favorite hobby, as well as to try new opportunities associated with it.

A new look at betting: betting on eSports

ESports - this is not a new phenomenon, which is particularly popular abroad. Players organize competitions within the well-known computer games like League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2 and CS: GO. Company-makers are willing to sponsor tournaments for advertising purposes. In 2001, the eSports even been officially recognized as a sport in Russia, but in 2006 the decision was canceled.

Organizing tournaments

The company Riot Games, which released LOL, independently establishes the rules of the competition, allocates funds and contracts with teams. Its purpose - to carry out professional-level tournaments. Valve, developer of Dota 2, holds only one large-scale event each year - The International. In 2015, its prize pool of $15 million through the sale of tickets to fans. Many teams are sponsored gaming paraphernalia shops and computer accessories.

The biggest tournaments CS: GO are held four times a year (the prize fund - $ 250 thousand.). Players such competitions usually live at the expense of his hobbies - spread record their matches on Youtube or broadcast video in real time using the service Twitch. To thank fans pay money to their cards or electronic purses.

On esportsearnings.com posted data about earning top ten tournament players. By the way, two of them - the Ukrainians.

Bookmakers understand that the pace of development of the gaming industry in the future promise them big profits. Gaming blogs are credible publications, and tournaments collect thousands of people. First appeared in betting game service Steam, and then from licensed bookmakers:

William Hill. The old and reliable British firm, which already exists since 1934. Her audience - about 1.1 million BETTER. You can bet on any of the famous tournaments LOL, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2.
Pari Match. The major international sportsbetting domain is blocked in Russia Roskomnadzor. It works on the market since 1994 and during that time, drew an audience of 550,000 players. Take bets on the game Dota 2, and World of Tanks.

Pinnacle sports. One of the first companies that started to work with the rates in the eSports. It is thought for professional office BETTER who risk large sums of money. Disciplines: Dota 2 betting, LOL, Starcraft 2, FIFA.

Marathonbet. Russian-Ukrainian company that allows you to bet on Dota 2, LOL and Starcraft 2. There is not such a good reputation as the previous bookies (often complaints), but offers a fairly high rates.

Betcity. Office, licensed in Russia and Belarus; a relatively young - established in 2004. Bets for CS: GO, Dota 2, LOL, and Starcraft 2.
Egamingbets. One of the leaders in e-sports betting industry, which specializes exclusively in the game bets. Here are not only the standard of discipline, but also for less popular games old games, for example, Quake.
Earn money on the rates tend to not only the bookies, but casual gamers. Some of them create a public social networking community by promoting its services in the field of intelligence and forecasting results of sporting events. Some of them do use reliable sources, but most of the advice is easy to question.

Prospects of development of bookmakers

Betting eSports is no different from the usual - players try to predict a certain victory in the match and earn money. However, since the industry is still young, often there are situations when the party of small competitions to bet against his team and then specifically loses the match. Therefore BETTER willingly take part only in the major tournaments.

On the other hand, the bookies is not well versed in e-sports. Sometimes they are wrongly calculated ratios, giving participants the opportunity to profit at their expense. Many gamers are aware of the team is much more than the office. Companies are trying to compensate for this by higher margins - from 8 to 13%, offsetting risks. For comparison: in the usual sporting events they lay a margin of 4-5%.

In the future, when competition in this area will grow, BETTER be able to count on a more appropriate ratios. Experts do not doubt that the industry will grow eSports. Analytical agency Newzoo published such predictions:

In 2015 passed 112 major tournaments with a total prize pool of $ 61 million. Ticket sales cover the costs by a third, even though the company's profit-organizers come from advertising. In 2016, North America will remain the most profitable region. Companies are going to attract more investors and journalists to their business.


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