Communication essay midwifery

Communication essay midwifery

Sep 27,  · Kirkham M () Communication in midwifery. In: Alexander J, Levy V, Roch S (eds.) Midwifery Practice: A Research-Based Approach. Macmillan Press Ltd, London Crossref, Google Scholar; Magill-Cuerden J () The future. In: Macdonald S, Magill-Cuerden J Mayes’ Midwifery: A textbook for midwives. (14 th edn.) Balliere Tindall, London Google Cited by: 2. This chapter will discuss the effective interpersonal communication and counselling skills that play a large part midwifery practice: active listening, empathy, problem-solving and the core counselling skills of assessment, goal setting and using motivational tools. From building a trusting relationship at the first appointment with clients through to the birth and the postpartum visits, midwifes will encounter many situations in which they will need effective communication . Further importance, as well as administrative recognition of communication as a core foundational aspect in the practice of midwifery is contained in the Nursing & Midwifery Council’s (d) “Reporting unfitness to practise: A guide for employers and managers” that states that fitness to practise might be impaired by a “ persistent lack of ability in properly identifying care needs and accordingly planning . Jan 22,  · A discussion on how the midwife demonstrates her professional accountability through effective communication, including an awareness of factors, which may contribute to poor communication. Introduction. The Nursing & Midwifery Council (a, p. 17) in addressing the responsibilities and sphere of practice for midwives under Rule number 6 of their “Midwives rules and standards” brings forth the importance of communication by stating that midwives . REFLECTIVE ESSAY IN MIDWIFERY Reflective Essay in midwifery Reflective Essay in midwifery Introduction This is a reflective paper. The paper discusses the impact of effective communication among midwifes and client. Midwifery is a art of assisting at childbirth. (Izraeli, ) The term midwife for centuries referred to a woman who was an overseer during the process of delivery. Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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This chapter will discuss communication essay midwifery effective interpersonal communication and counselling skills that play a large part midwifery practice: active listening, empathy, problem-solving and the core counselling skills of assessment, goal setting and using motivational tools. From building a trusting relationship at the first appointment with clients through to the birth and the postpartum communication essay midwifery, midwifes will encounter many situations in which they will need effective communication tools in their repertoire and the skills to utilize them.

There will be times when the communication is urgent and factual and times when it will communication essay midwifery warm communication essay midwifery empathic as midwives need to relay everything from good to terrible news.

It takes a great deal of self-awareness and practice to become an effective communicator. To be an effective communicator and counsellor the midwife must understand their own values, beliefs and personal characteristics and how these may impact their work with clients.

Http:// values provide guidance for us as individuals; determining what we believe to be right and wrong, and good and bad. They also influence what we deem to be of worth and importance in our lives. It is essential that anyone working with people in any kind of counselling capacity be aware of their own values and beliefs, and be communication essay midwifery of their emotional, physical and mental response to the client.

This means taking time to reflect on your beliefs and opinion chemistry thesis introduction valuable their effects on your feelings and communication essay midwifery that is, checking in with yourself to conclusion irrigation essay what is happening internally.

You may ask yourself: Am I feeling strong emotions negotiation essay questions I listen?

Do I feel stress or discomfort in my body? Are there words and phrases running through my mind that prevent me from being able to fully attend to what click here client is saying? As a midwife, if you are feeling emotionally activated, you can utilize self-regulation tools to manage the activation. Self-regulation tools include slowing down the breath, taking a sip of water, refocussing on the client and, if necessary, asking go here a brief break in the meeting.

From this increased self-awareness comes the ability to set and maintain professional and personal boundaries. These boundaries provide emotional safety for both midwives and their clients as they navigate the transformative experience of communication essay midwifery together.

There is no standard that states that a counsellor must ignore their own values and beliefs entirely, but ethical practice requires that you not impose your personal values and beliefs on the person with whom you are counselling. In most cases, it is not fair to expect midwives to ignore very strongly held values and beliefs in order to serve the needs of clients.

There is no shame in acknowledging to oneself that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to work with certain clients because of a fundamental clash over values, beliefs, or consequently, behaviours. Referring the client to another midwife solves the problem while ensuring that the client receives the services they need.

Along with self-awareness, relationship building will facilitate communication and possible counselling support as the midwife and client work together. This relationship is a professional one, with clear communication essay midwifery and expectations, but is still based on warmth and mutual acceptance. The essential elements of a helping relationship are listed below. The acronym PANG positive regard, attending, non-judgement, genuineness assists in remembering these elements:.

To develop and maintain a healthy clinical relationship, it is important that the midwife be able to maintain a positive communication essay midwifery in the company of communication essay midwifery client.

What does positive regard look and feel like for the client? For the midwife? How do you communication essay midwifery it is present?

When engaged in a clinical conversation, communication essay midwifery have a number of tools at hand to demonstrate that they are engaged with what the client is communicating. These actions indicate interest and engagement in the conversation to the exclusion of all else. Keeping personal statement hands and body fairly still and not toying with a pen or fidgeting in the chair will also communicate active listening.

As a result of using these communication essay midwifery, the client should feel heard and know that they are the focus of the conversation for that period of time. What are some of the mannerisms that you may have that could demonstrate inattention?

It is essential that midwives demonstrate an attitude of non-judgement when meeting with clients. These feelings usually occur when the client is expressing values or beliefs that this web page those held by the midwife.

During those times, the midwife needs to use self-awareness and emotional self-regulation skills to maintain positive regard for the client. It is critical that the midwife be aware of values and communication essay midwifery that they cannot accept and to be ready to communication essay midwifery the client to another midwife or practice if a non-judgemental stance cannot be maintained.

Attempting to work in that environment is not helpful for either client or midwife. Genuineness is a fundamental factor in any healthy relationship. It is especially important in continue reading relationship where trust and ongoing communication are critical to ensuring a positive outcome — a healthy birth in the case of midwifery.

While counselling is widely communication essay midwifery to be a treatment format for people with emotional communication essay midwifery mental health concerns, most health providers find themselves offering some kind of counselling along with the services within their particular practice. Whether a physician is working with a patient to increase their motivation for losing weight, or a midwife is supporting a family through an adverse birth outcome, communication essay midwifery tools they will use are no different communication essay midwifery those used by a counsellor supporting a client through, for example, depression.

It is, rather, a matter of degree of intervention. It is critical that the midwife have a clear understanding of when they can help the client and when the client communication essay midwifery be referred to a mental health professional.

Although not an exhaustive list, the following situations require a referral:. If the midwife is concerned that the client is presenting with symptoms that are confusing or very concerning, they should refer the client to a mental health professional for assessment.

Most often, it is best to refer the client to their own family physician who can then make an appropriate referral. In many cases, communication essay midwifery there is no concern about the mental health of the client, the midwife may still want to refer the client and their family to community-based services, such as dietician, multicultural service agencies, or massage therapists.

The British Association for Counselling, now the British Association for Counselling and Psychotheraphy, may have been the first professional association to adopt a definition of professional counselling. In it published the following definition:. Counselling is the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate self- knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully.

Counselling relationships will vary according to need but may be concerned with developmental issues, addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insights and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others. This definition demonstrates how easily the practice of counselling fits into the practice of midwifery, but as you can see from the definition, there is little if no room for advising clients in the counselling setting.

Of course, a midwife will advise the client on the medical aspects of the pregnancy, such as maintaining adequate nutrition or providing lactation support, but they may need to shift the focus to a guidance role when supporting the client to make certain decisions, change concerning behaviours, or to process an emotional concern.

Current models of counselling focus on what is called person-centred practice. Assisting a client to access their own resources allows that client to become more self-sufficient and more likely to generalize their self-knowledge and new skills to future problems. Many communication essay midwifery in the care-based professions believe that they know what the client needs.

While this is necessary in acute situations, such as a medical emergency, in psycho-social settings, it prevents both the client and the counsellor from thinking outside the communication essay midwifery when determining what is best for the client. Motivational interviewing theorists call this the righting reflex. It comes from click here place of caring and a desire to reduce suffering, but it writing excellence creative results in clients feeling misunderstood, over-ruled, and even invisible.

It takes significant self-awareness and self-control along with a strong belief thesis southampton the person-centred model of counselling to avoid getting caught up in the righting reflex. If I want to successfully bring a person to a definite goal, I must find where he is, and start right there. He, who cannot do that, fools himself when he thinks that he can help others.

To help somebody, I certainly must understand more than he does, but above all understand what he understands. If I click to see more do that, it is of no help that I am more able than he is and that I know more that he does.

If I still want to show how much I know, the reason is that I am vain and arrogant, and because I in fact want to be admired by the other rather than help him. All true helpfulness begins with humbleness before the person I want to help, and thereby I must realize that to help is not a desire to rule but a wish to serve.

If I cannot do that, I cannot help anybody. The midwife must put their feelings and thoughts about what the client ought to do aside and listen carefully to what the client is saying about their thoughts, feelings, and needs. Reflective listeningempathy, and careful use of questions are all tools midwives may use to provide guidance and support for their clients. Often, the client will come into their own awareness of what they need to do to solve a problem just by talking it out with another person.

This approach is the foundation of person-centred counselling. Once a healthy helping relationship has been developed between the midwife and client, the counselling process can begin. The cornerstone of counselling is empathy. Merriam-Webster defines empathy as:. It is important communication essay midwifery draw a distinction here between empathy and sympathy. Merriam-Webster defines sympathy as:. Communication essay midwifery tends to remove the boundaries that belong in a professional relationship, allowing the participants to share the experience.

However, a sympathetic response to a thesis diabetes introduction is not likely to enable the client to move beyond the immediate feelings toward understanding because the midwife is colluding with client in the emotions the client is feeling.

If the client is handing the midwife the tissue box instead of other way around, it is communication essay midwifery that the midwife is sympathizing with the client and not empathizing. This is not helpful for the client. An empathic response signals to the client that you understand their experience. Empathy is typically expressed in counselling sessions using a tool called reflective listening.

The client has communication essay midwifery option of agreeing with the midwife or correcting them and restating what they are feeling. In either case, it is a successful interaction. If the midwife correctly communication essay midwifery the feeling, the client feels heard and understood and will likely be open to further exploration of their concerns. This also enables the client communication essay midwifery further clarify their thoughts and feelings.

There are additional tools the midwife can use to enhance reflective listening interactions and begin to move communication essay midwifery client toward finding solutions.

In hearing your interpretation of their feelings, the client has the opportunity to agree with or refute your reflection. Notice that the client has now begun to communication essay midwifery about her concerns for the birth and not just her concerns about the younger siblings. Questions are helpful in opening an interview, defining problems concretely, encouraging clients to elaborate on issues, establishing goals, and stimulating changes in thinking patterns. However, asking questions in a helping relationship can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, questions can elicit very important information such as occurs during an assessment. On the other hand, asking questions, especially too many questions in a counselling interaction, can cause a client to feel unheard, defensive, and distanced.

A midwife must learn to use questions sparingly and thoughtfully as a way to assist the client to explore their emotional concerns. It is critical click the midwife learn how to manage the timing, content, and purpose of questions in order to preserve the helping relationship with the client.

Using questions in a counselling interaction is often where the righting reflex becomes apparent. In order to ask a question, the asker must have a hypothesis about what is happening for the client.

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