Housekeeping management essay

Housekeeping management essay

Mar 12,  · We hope that this housekeeping essay helped you to solve this problem. Moreover, you can read lots of similar samples on our blog, and some of them will be very helpful for your own writing. If you don’t have ideas for writing your paper, these samples can help you. The housekeeping department is responsible for improving the guest occupancy rate. In a hotel any unsold room is total revenue loss as a room unsold for a day is revenue lost for ever. Thus the importance of the role of the housekeeping department can not be marginalized. Role of Housekeeping in Guest Satisfaction and Repeat Business. Oct 03,  · CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. Housekeeping can be looked at as the navel of the lodging operation. All forms of lodging associations around the world can flourish without swimming pools, banquets, ballrooms or even food service areas but without a properly guided housekeeping wing no inn, motel or hotel would thrive irrespective of how big, popular or clean they may be. • Ensure all bathrooms and hotel areas are serviced according to hotel policy • Housekeeping must keep up to date an relevant with hotel promotions, pricing specials, while ensuring bedroom sales are maximized • Report any maintenance issues as well as other possible hotel concerns immediately to the manager • Reset lighting to the current hotel standards • Complete all housekeeping tasks, flip mattresses, clean curtains and dust all aspects of the hotel . 1 The management of Housekeeping is at the core of hotel operations and can make the difference between a reputed hotel with regular customers and the one that guests are unlikely to visit again. I have therefore chosen to describe the duties, competencies and performance standards of a Housekeeping Manager in the hotel. Duties: 1. Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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House keeping is the fundamental art of hygiene laying stress on maintaining any establishlent absolutely clean The purpose is to please click for source a clean person and surroundings.

The function is to ensure the comfort of all guests who stay in the establishment by arranging for regular cleaning of all public housekeeping management essay personal areas and providing other services consistent housekeeping management essay the type of establishment. The housekeeping department is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel The house keeping department plays an housekweping role by not only making a room look appealing to the guest, it also ensures the basic needs of their comfort and security.

The personal effort of the housekeeping department has a direct role in fulfilling the housekeeping management essay expectations from a hotel. The housekeeping department is located at the back of the house and is a minor revenue generating department but plays an important role in assisting the front office in sale of hotel rooms and earning profit.

A large amount of money is invested in construction of a hotel therefore the long life of floor surfaces, wall finishes, floor covering, furniture, and other items is important to ensure a long life. This can be done with a little care, regular cleaning and maintenance by the cleaning staff. The housekeeping department is responsible for all the aspects of the cleaning in the hotel. It is managemeht important point for housekeeping management essay reputation of the hotel and for the guest because it creates a pleasant and hygienic environment.

Housekeeping functions in a hotel are required all twenty-four hours of the day but the rush and duty hours will vary according to the location of the establishment eg. If the hotel is near an air-port here housekeeping staff is on duty all twenty hours since it has to be in harmony with the flight timing and there will be a large turn-over of guest who will be staying in the hotel usally for not more than a day, be housekeeipng between flights.

If the hotel building is old fashioned and spread out horizontally the staff required will be larger in number in comparision to a modern compact type of hotel. In the older type it is very expensive to provide the modern amenities and so a lot of manual labour is required to ensure comfortable stay for the guest.

In the modern type of establishment smaller number of staff members are required since there is more stress on self service. If the management policy is to employ outside contractors for laundry, electrical repairs, heavy cleaning, sanitation, horticulture, flower arrangement etc. However if the management policy is to provide the above services by the hotel itself the house keeping department will require a larger number of staff members. In case click the following article a luxury or commercial establishment more personalized services like valet,baby sitter, personal maid etc are provided in comparision to welfare or service establishment where only the basic services are provided to the guest.

It depends on the management policy whether they want to provide highly personalized service, eg. The main function of house keeping is to ensure the comforts of those who stay in the establishment by arranging for the regular cleaning of molecules homework guest room, public areas etc and providing other services consistent with the type of establishment that is storage and control of linen stocks, housekeeping equipment and cleaning material.

Laundering of hotel linen and guest personal linen, Housekeeping management essay services may be undertaken housekeeping management essay the unit ,provision of laundry-mats Laundering is absent Laundering service may housekeeping management essay undertaken specially in case of larger establishment.

Floral decoration will be provided throughout the establishment Housekeeping management essay decoration generally provided in the public areas of the establishment managemnet in some hotels may extend to the guest bedroom also Floral decoration may be provided in a limited scale. Room service is generally provided by the restaurant staff, the house keeping staff will be required for certain duties Room service may be limited or totally absent Limited room service available and this may be provided by the house keeping essay Other than in hospitals, room service is not provided.

The cleanliness of corridors, public areas lounges and waiting rooms offices, passenger lifts housekeeping management essay. The housekeeping management essay department plays a major role in enhancing the reputation of a hotel. It is the personal of the housekeeping department in providing a guest with his expectations which has a direct bearing on a guest experience in a hotel as a housekeeping management essay. The services provided by the housekeeping dept plays an important role in determining whether the guest is satisfied with the hotel or not as the guest spends most of his hotel time in his room.

If the guest is esaay with the services they will not only return to the hotel but also recommended housekeeping management essay to other people. It is the duty of the housekeeping department to maintain the sales appeal of the guest rooms as well as all public areas.

The primary objective housekeeping management essay the housekeeping department is guest satisfaction. The housekeeping department is responsible for improving the guest occupancy rate.

In a hotel any unsold room is total revenue loss as a room unsold for a day is revenue lost for ever. Thus the importance of the role of the housekeeping department can not be marginalized. In a hotel it is important that all departments cooperate and coordinate with each other so as to ensure the smooth running of the organization as a whole. Each department of the hotel is dependent on each other for services and information. Depending on the type and size of the hotel the work in each of the other departments may be small or large but in all cases there must be good liaison and communication with each other.

The housekeeping dept comes in contact with practically every department of the hotel and if its work is to be unhindered, friction between the housekeeping management essay essah another dept should be kept to a minimum.

Amongst all co-ordination click at this page in housekeeping management essay hotel co-ordination of the housekeeping department with the front office and maintenance department is very important as they aim to provide the guest with a comfortable stay in the hotel.

Coordination with F. O is particularly necessary because the ewsay of the two departments is very closely allied selling of rooms. It is usual policy for hotels to state that rooms must be vacated by noon on the day of departure, but owing to the increased number of guests arriving early or late essay titles, new guest may arrive before the guest rooms have housekeeping management essay serviced.

Manaegment the front office must provide the H. K dept a list for expected arrival and departure for the day link advance and notify housekeeping of actual housekeeping management essay and departures as and when they occur.

This helps the housekeeping department in cleaning these rooms on a priority hoksekeeping so that they are available for sale by the front office. The housekeeping management essay department depends on the front office for providing important information related to room maintenance i. The housekeeping department is also responsible for providing clean uniform to the front office staff. Close cooperation managemeny important between housekeeping and maintenance department as the maintenance department is responsible for maintenance of all furniture, fixtures essxy fittings in the hotel.

During room housekeeping management essay activity the housekeeping staff may come over items requiring attention, such as dripping taps, W. If a good relationship exists between the two departments, notification of an urgent repair will be dealt ,anagement at once and not just added to wait its turn on the list.

However, it must be remembered that maintenance is required in other departments besides housekeeping, and thus close co-operation is most important. The maintenance department is responsible for the routine maintenance, preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance of the rooms.

The maintenance department is also responsible for maintenance of all manual and mechanical equipments used in the housekeeping department. On its part the housekeeping department should ensure that its staff should handle all equipments with care. The housekeeping staff should provide immediate access to the maintenance staff when they report for carrying out maintenance work. The housekeeping department is also responsible for providing clean uniform to the maintenance department staff.

The housekeeping houskeeping is responsible for providing clean linen and uniform to all food and beverage outlets including banquet hall. The housekeeping housekeeping management essay may also take care of any flower arrangement required in the restaurant or banquet hall.

On its part the food and beverage department should ensure that the linen is used only for the purpose intended and not used for dusting or wiping purpose by the staff. The food and beverage should collect dirty trays from the guest room to the wash-up and should not leave them in the guest room or corridor for a long time.

The housekeeping department is responsible for providing clean uniform to the kitchen staff whereas the kitchen department provides the housekeeping staff with staff housekeeping management essay. The housekeeping department is responsible for coordination with personal department in matters relating to staff recruitment, induction programmes, staff training, wages and housekeeping management essay, grievance handling, staff records etc.

It is important that the housekeeping department provides all necessary information to the personal department related to the above so that the personnel department may programme on schedule. Housekeeping management essay purchase department is responsible for procuring of all supplies required by the housekeeping department.

This is done with active consultation between the purchase manager and the executive housekeeper. Close coordination is important so that the housekeeping department is provided mangement all necessary supplies such as cleaning material, guest amenities, stationery, linen, equipment etc. On its part the housekeeping department should update the purchase department of its requirement and housekeeping management essay requirements well in advance so that the purchase majagement may complete its formalities in required time.

The stores department supplies the housekeeping department with its requirements on day to essag basis. The housekeeping department should inform the store of its requirements well in advance so that the store department may supply the same on time. Both the housekeeping departments as well as security conclusion dissertation are responsible for security of article source guest person as well as belonging within housekeeping management essay hotel.

The housekeeping staff should inform the security immediately if they come over any suspicious activity in a hotel. The security department is responsible for providing the staff with fire fighting training and first aid to over come any emergency. All staff are required to report to the managemetn in case of any fire or accident in the hotel premises. In a hotel the housekeeping department requires a number of clean linen during the day.

This linen is provided by the housekeeping management essay department. The laundry department should ensure regular supply of clean linen at scheduled time.

All stains should be taken care of to prevent any embarrassing situation. The housekeeping department should not over burden the laundry department by ensuring rotation of soil linen to the laundry at regular interval of the day. This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

We housekeeping management essay cookies to offer you the best experience. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our Cookies policy. You cannot copy content from our website. If you need this sample, insert an email and we'll deliver it to you. Only on Eduzaurus. Introduction to Housekeeping Department and Its Responsibilities. Download essay Need help with houseeeping Need help with writing assignment? Hire writer. Essay due?

Housekeeping management essay write it for you! Any subject Min. Disclaimer This essay has been submitted by a student. House Containers for Various Purposes in Homes. House Pests: Nip the Evil in the Bud. Cleanliness Removal Services for Clearing the Garage.

Nutrition We Should not Be Vegetarians. City Advantages of the housekeepjng City' Initiative. Peace Peace, War and Common Values. We can write it better!

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