Irrigation essay conclusion

Irrigation essay conclusion

Oct 20,  · Essay on the Necessity of Irrigation: With increase in the world population, the demand for food and fibre also increases. Rainfall does not always occur in right amount at the time when crops need water. Thus, there is always a need of irrigation in most parts of the world. Mostly, Irrigation Essay Conclusion methods involve activities such asdigging ditches to help farmers tap water from small streams that pass under the valleys. Moreover, local irrigation method involves farmers digging channels to re-direct waters and creating raised contours in the field for holding water. Apr 10,  · With such systems, the control is very limited, and many resources are still wasted. Water is one of these resources that are used excessively. Mass irrigation is one method used to water the plant. This method represents massive losses since the . Jul 19,  · Nature of Soil: There is greater need of irrigation in sandy soil whereas in clay or alluvial soil the need for irrigation is lower. 3. Probability of Drought: At places having irregular rainfall, since there is probability of drought, irrigation is needed. 4. Essay on the Necessity of Irrigation: With increase in the world population, the demand for food and fibre also increases. Rainfall does not always occur in right amount at the time when crops need water. Thus, there is always a need of irrigation in most parts of the world. Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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This Irrigation Essay example is published for educational and informational purposes only. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic, please use our writing services. Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land see more the purpose of supplying moisture essential for plant growth. Although irrigation is an old art, its importance has increased in recent times with the increased demand for food to meet the needs of a growing population.

Today, irrigation accounts for 70 percent of all water used continue reading humans. Although irrigation works are found almost everywhere, they are most important in arid and semiarid regions, where the quantity and timing of rainfall are not inadequate for crops. For instance, in those parts of Asia where rainfall is seasonal, and most precipitation occurs in three to four months of the year, irrigation is highly critical to agriculture.

The importance of irrigation is evident from the fact that, historically, the development of human civilizations has followed the development of irrigation. In fact, basin irrigation introduced irrigation essay conclusion the Nile valley presentation ideas homework B.

Similarly, in the valley of the Euphrates and the Tigris the two rivers which pass through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, and which defined what was once called Mesopotamiathere are remains of the largest irrigation canals built around B. Historical references to the practice of irrigation from wells, tanks, and canals are also found in countries such as China, India, Iraq, the former U.

The importance of irrigation essay conclusion has grown further since the 19th century, particularly with the application of modern engineering technology. Considerable irrigation development also took place in the western United States and Italy in the latter half of the 19th century.

Irrigation development continued in irrigation essay conclusion 20th century, particularly after World Irrigation essay conclusion II, when the use of irrigation technology, along with other inputs, led to the so-called Green Revolution in many parts of Asia. But since the late s, irrigation expansion slowed markedly due to a number of reasons such as low commodity prices, high energy costs, and economic conditions that discourage agricultural production.

Currently, the Asian continent accounts for nearly 70 percent of the irrigated area in the world, and the Americas for 15 percent. The three countries with the largest areas under irrigation are India, China, and United States, in that order. According to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the share of irrigation in world crop production is expected to increase in the next decades, although the rate of increase will slow down.

Irrigated land will expand by 45 million hectares to reach a total of about million hectares byat a projected annual growth rate of 0. Irrigation systems can be classified in a number of ways. The most common mode of classification is by continue reading characteristics of irrigation essay conclusion water and power source.

The water source can be surface canals and tanks or groundwater click. Irrigation essay conclusion some parts of the world, irrigation essay conclusion as South Asia, most of the recent expansion in irrigated area has been through private investments in wells to exploit groundwater.

Wells in turn can be open wells where water is pumped up by manual or animal labor or motors and shallow irrigation essay conclusion deep tubewells which are almost exclusively operated by diesel engines and electric motors. Further, water can be conveyed by gravity flow or lifted via pumps, depending on whether the irrigated area is located downhill or uphill of the source of water.

Other criteria for classifying irrigation systems include capital labor ratio, scale, institutional arrangements whether water is directly appropriated by the user, acquired via contract, or allocated by a community or a bureaucracyand degree of farmer control over availability and timing of irrigation. The method of water application also varies. Irrigation water can be applied to crops by flooding it on the field surface, by means of furrows, applying it beneath the soil surface, under pressure sprinklers or applying it in drops drip irrigation.

Of these, drip and sprinkler irrigation are water-saving techniques, but drip irrigation involves high initial investment and sprinkler irrigation involves high level of power. Ultimately, the choice of method is dictated by a number of factors such as the available water supply, type of soil, topography of the land, and the crop to be irrigated. Irrigation can be intensive or extensive.

Intensive irrigation is usually used when the motive for irrigation is increasing production per unit area, and extensive irrigation is used when the motive is to protect crops from droughts by expanding the cultivated area. Irrigation is a subject that has a number of dimensions. The science and engineering dimension includes the construction and maintenance of structures and channels for the conveyance of water, as click to see more as the adequate application of water to maintain plant growth.

The economic continue reading of irrigation arises from the fact that water is a primary input in agriculture, as well as one that increases the benefits read article other inputs and makes possible the use of high-yielding varieties of seeds and fertilizers.

Another important economic aspect of irrigation is its profitability. The lowest investment costs are in Asia, which has the bulk of irrigation and where scale economies are possible. The most expensive irrigation is found in sub-Saharan Africa, where irrigation schemes are usually smaller and irrigation essay conclusion of land and water resources is costly.

The social aspect of irrigation thinking pinterest critical from the fact that it often necessitates collective action, irrigation essay conclusion which it may draw upon existing institutions and organizations, as well as cultural practices.

For example, the Indonesian subak is an irrigation institution where there is a irrigation essay conclusion interrelationship between water and religion. Each subak or irrigation group has two temples-one dedicated to the goddess of fertility, the other to the god of water-and there is a complex, albeit synchronized, relationship between rituals in the temple and agricultural activity.

Irrigation projects that do not take irrigation essay conclusion account preexisting local social structures, or social and cultural practices, can result in conflict. There is also a political aspect to irrigation. Irrigation essay conclusion is because irrigation is not just an economic resource, but also a source of power and patronage at the local, regional, and national levels.

In fact, the relationship between irrigation and general political authority has been the subject of considerable discussion among social scientists. In other words, hydraulic continue reading have an inherent tendency to become centralized, despotic states. There is no doubt that irrigation is important not only in food production, but in the multiplier effect of creating employment opportunities and literature methodology about development via linkages with other economic activities.

Further, article source can also help to bring about social change because of introduction archaeology essay linkage with social and political power. But in spite of its importance, irrigation has also resulted in a number of problems.

For instance, lack of adequate drainage and lack of knowledge of the appropriate relationship between soil, crop, and irrigation, have given rise to serious problems of waterlogging, salinity, and irrigation essay conclusion in many irrigated projects in India, Pakistan, China, the United States, and Central Asia.

This has resulted in once-fertile land becoming unfit for agriculture. Similarly, overpumping of groundwater in many regions is beginning to make personal statement irrigation too costly-as well as resulting in drying up of aquifers-thereby forcing land out of agriculture. For instance, about one-fifth of Irrigation essay conclusion. Apart from environmental problems, there are also problems of underutilization of existing systems due irrigation essay conclusion inefficiencies such as irrigation essay conclusion pipes and unlined canals and low rates of cost recovery, as well as social problems for instance, as a result of displacement due to big dams.

There are also pressures on irrigation water due to growing demands for water from other sectors, the most click here among these being industry and increasing urban populations.

Shifting water from farms to cities is already being done in a number of places such as irrigation essay conclusion western United States, China, Irrigation essay conclusion, and India. Water-scarce countries irrigation essay conclusion satisfy the growing needs of cities and industry by diverting water from irrigation, then importing grain to make up for lack of production.

The multifaceted nature of irrigation means that a wide variety of factors, such adaptability essay geography, agrarian structure, population pressure, cultural factors, the role of the state, and the vision of development, determine the direction and pace of irrigation development. This, in turn, has led to considerable differences in the way irrigation development has taken place.

For instance, in many parts of the world such as in South Asiathe state has played an important role in undertaking irrigation development. In others like Australia, Canada, and the United States irrigation essay conclusion, governments have encouraged irrigation development by private individuals or groups.

There have been a number of changes in the nature of irrigation development since the 20th century, and particularly in the last two decades. First, irrigation has been extended even to areas of sufficient and abundant water supply.

Second, there has been considerable interest in the science of irrigation techniques and works, resulting in changes in the way irrigation is conceived. For instance, the concept of single-purpose irrigation projects first gave way to multipurpose projects which include water supply, hydroelectric power and irrigation essay conclusion controlthen to river basin planning and to the integrated development of a river basin. Third, there has been greater emphasis on the necessity of learning from traditional water management systems.

Irrigation essay conclusion, there is a trend toward privatization and user irrigation essay conclusion in irrigation systems. Essay Irrigation essay conclusion. Environment Essay Examples. Special offer! Promo code: cd1a Related Posts.

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