Literature review malnutrition

Literature review malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious public health problem and a pathological condition that results when a person’s diet contains inadequate amount of nutrients(1). Malnutrition refers both under nutrition and over nutrition. But in common usage the word malnutrition refers to under nutrition and protein energy malnutrition. Malnutrition is the leading cause of more than one third of all child death(2). The present systematic review critically examines the available scientific literature on risk factors for malnutrition in the older population (aged ≥65 y). A systematic search was conducted in MEDLINE, reviewing reference lists from until March The papers identified were subjected t Cited by: Review of Related Literature I. Malnutrition Problem in the Philippines Micronutrient malnutrition is prevalent not just in the developing regions of the world but also in the industrialized nations which can affect all age groups, however children and pregnant women are those of most at risk (Allen, de Benoist, Hurrell, & Dary, ). 1 LITERATURE REVIEW Malnutrition in oncologic Elderly Patients Malnutrition is the condition of insufficient nutrients in the body, and it happens in older adults when they have food with low calories, or they do not take their diet seriously. Malnutrition in Hospitals ( Geneva, Switzerland) Severe malnutrition: report of a consultation to review current literature. jubilee-newspaper.comrition - therapy nutrition disorders - therapy nutrition disorders - therapy literature jubilee-newspaper.comines ISBN 92 4 . Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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Research Question: What factors contribute to the prevalence of malnutrition in elderly? Malnutrition is increasingly common issue among the elderly population, this is a basis for better understanding considering malnutrition negatively affects the health of the older adult Furman, literature review malnutrition, p. It impacts morbidity and mortality. However a universal standard of nutritional care is lacking in this patient group Allum et al.

With a lack of consistent assessment indicators or definitions for malnutrition, malnutrition can become under-diagnosed. Malnutrition is known to effect morbidity, mortality, immune functions, psychological wellbeing and thus clinical outcomes of individual patients Elia, RD as project leader for this MST pilot. Initially, the RD will review the current malnutrition research and literature as well as assess the outlined problem. The author also utilised the references presented in research articles to widen their understanding of the subject.

These types of trials are graded at the top level of hierarchy Guyatt et al Nevertheless in contrast Devereaux and Yusuf argue that top level hierarchy is not a guaranteed. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework 2. Nutritional status Nutrition includes everything that happens to food literature review malnutrition the time it is eaten until it is used click at this page various functions in the body Srilakshmi,Nutrition is a literature review malnutrition pillar of human development and concrete large scale programming not only can reduce the burden of under nutrition and deprivation but also advances the progress of nations Medical,Nutritional status is the state of our.

While there is knowledge literature review malnutrition these harmful effects in scientific and medical communities, researchers are literature review malnutrition in the midst of discovering the results of these negative effects on human development.

An overall review of the literature suggests that this topic is still relatively new in research as most of the articles make note that despite the amount literature review malnutrition current research studies, there are still many unanswered questions. Each second of fetal development during pregnancy. According to JelliffeMalnutrition is globally defined and distinguished into four subgroups: Undernutrition: the pathological state resulting from insufficient nutrition intake over a period of time; Overnutrition: the pathological state caused by excess nutrition intake over an literature review malnutrition period of time; Specific deficiency: the literature review malnutrition state resulting from a relative literature review malnutrition absolute lack of an individual nutrient; Imbalance: the pathological state resulting from a disproportion among nutrients.

Malnutrition is affecting many of the older population. Older people most commonly have reduced appetite and reduced energy expenditure which is added to many other physiological changes that literature review malnutrition at their age group.

Malnutrition is a major issue in older people and its rates is increasing literature review malnutrition time passes. Many old people are classed as malnourished and are attended to hospitals. Malnutrition especially in this population is often underdiagnosed. Malnutrition takes a variety of forms. The main types of malnutrition seen in Nepal are protein-energy malnutrition, iodine deficiency disorders, iron deficiency anemia and vitamin A deficiency.

In particular malnutrition places an enormous burden on children and women. Even mildly or moderately malnourished children and women are more likely to be at high risk of death due to lack of resistance against common infectious diseases.

The above types of malnutrition not only affect. Malnutrition Literature Review Words 6 Pages. Review of Related Literature I. Although vitamin and mineral deficiencies seems successful entrepreneur essay thought not be visible to the naked eye, these deficiencies have a huge impact on the well-being and are prevalent in the Philippines.

The Philippines loses billions of US dollars in Gross Domestic Product to vitamin and mineral deficiencies which is literature review malnutrition due to economic costs of undernutrition such as the direct costs on the increased burden on the health care system, …show more content… Republic Act No.

The Borgen Project. An Asian viewpoint on the use of vitamin D and calcium in osteoporosis treatment: Physician and patient attitudes and beliefs. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. Retrieved 17 Aprilfrom. Get Access. Read More. Four Groups of Malnutrition Words 9 Pages According to JelliffeMalnutrition is globally defined and distinguished into four subgroups: Undernutrition: the pathological state resulting literature review malnutrition insufficient nutrition intake over a period of time; Read more the pathological state caused by excess nutrition intake over an extended period of time; Specific deficiency: the pathological state resulting from a relative or absolute lack of an individual nutrient; Imbalance: the pathological state resulting literature review malnutrition statement leadership personal disproportion among nutrients.

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