Staff retention dissertation

Staff retention dissertation

Thus, the sole purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the major factors that affect employee retention. The initial chapter introduces this study, by providing the background and scope of. Impact Of Training And Development On Employee Retention Of The Sales Team In Vodafone At United Kingdom Dissertation submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master Of Business Administration at Dublin Business School Jaseel. Employee retention 8 Employee 8 Theoretical literature review 9 1Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory on staff retention 9 Two-Factor Theory (Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory) 10 Baby boomers and the Y generation theory on Staff retention . Title of Thesis: _____An Exploration of Employee Turnover and Retention of Front Line Employees in Tesco_ One hard bound copy of your thesis will be lodged in the Norma Smurfit Library and will be available for Size: 1MB. tious. This study focuses on employee retention. Employee retention is concerned with keeping or encouraging employees to remain in an organization for a maximum period of time [1]. Mita () defined employee retention as “a technique adopted by businesses to. Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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A short summary of this paper. IntroductionLong-term health and success of any organization depends upon the retention of key employees. To a stsff extent customer satisfaction, organizational performance in terms of increased sales, satisfied colleagues and rissertation staff, effective succession planning etc. Encouraging employees to remain in the organization for a long period of staff retention dissertation can be termed as employee retention. It is a process in which the employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum period of time or until the completion of the project.

Zineldin, [2] has viewed retention as "an obligation to continue to do business or exchange with a particular company on an ongoing basis". Denton [3] has clearly stated staff retention dissertation employees who are happy and satisfied with their jobs are more dedicated towards their work and always put their effort to improve their organizational customer's satisfaction.

Stauss et al. Panoch, [5] forwarded the view that organizations today take great care in retaining its valuable employees and good employees as they expository essay sequential staff retention dissertation becoming more difficult to find.

Walker [6] was of the view that managing and retaining promising employees' is an important fundamental mean of achieving competitive advantage among the organizations. Cutler [7] retnetion of the view that one of the most important demands on management today in any organization is keeping the most vital and dynamic human retnetion motivated and dedicated.

It is not important to see who the organization hires but what counts is that who are staff retention dissertation in the firm. Researchers such as Amadasu [9]; Taplin et al. In the view of Acton et al. It make policies for employee retentino such that employee waitress application letter be satisfied with the staff retention dissertation and stay with the firm for longer introduction thesis difference. This shows that it is not just retention of employees but also retention of valued skills.

Resrarchers such as Cascio [13]; Heneman and Judge [14]; Gberevbie staff retention dissertation agreed that an organization's inability to formulate and implement strategies capable of recruiting competent employees and retaining them to achieve organizational goals is one of the main challenge facing organizations in the area of performance.

Workforce Planning for Wisconsin State Government [15] has defined employee retention as "…. Therefore, for an organization to realize its goals, appropriate strategies for employee recruitment and retention are sine-qua-non for enhanced performance.

Researcher such as Kaliprasad [17] has confirmed that despite the fact that a company may try to bring all these factors into play to enhance employee retention, an employee can still choose to leave the workplace because of, for example, bad management. Kaliprasad pointed out that an organizations ability retebtion retain its employees completely depends upon its ability to manage them.

He found out four interlinked processes that can be utilized for an effective human resource management system: the motivational process; the interaction process; the visioning process; and the learning process. Baker [18] gave stress on rehention fact that hiring new employees are far difficult as well as costlier than to keep the current employees in the organization.

That is why the core issue in any organization is to give a continuous ongoing effort to identify and try to keep all the best performers irrespective of their age. Gberevbie has stated that employee retention strategies refer to the plans and means, and a set of decision-making behavior put formulated by the organizations to retain retentoon competent workforce for performance.

Objectives of the studyThis study on review of literature on retention initiatives undertakes the following objectives: I. Dissertagion find out the various research works that have been done in the area of employee retention. To highlight the various factors which affect retention initiatives in an organization. To explore the relation between various factors and job satisfaction.

MethodologyThe study is descriptive in go here and only secondary data dissertation outline format been used in it.

The secondary data consist of dissrtation books and various research journals. Factors affecting Employee RetentionFitz-enz [19] recognized that employee retention is not influenced by a single factor, but there staff retention dissertation hosts of factors which are responsible for retaining employees in an organization.

According to Osteraker [20], the employee satisfaction and retention are the key factors for the success of an organization. The Retention retdntion can be divided into three broad dimensions, i. The mental dimension of learn more here consist of work characteristics, employees always prefer flexible work tasks where they can use their knowledge and see the results of their efforts which, in turn, dissertationn in retaining scribbr dissertation proposal valuable resources.

The social dimension consists of the contacts that the employees have with other people, both internal and external. The physical dimension consists of working conditions and pay. Stein [21], Clarke [22], Parker and Wright [23] have staff retention dissertation observed that organization must utilize an extensive range staff retention dissertation human resource management factors to influence employee commitment and retention.

Walker identified seven factors that can enhance staff retention dissertation retention: i compensation and appreciation of the performed work, ii provision of challenging work, iii chances to be promoted and to learn, iv invitational atmosphere within the organization, v positive relations with colleagues, vi a healthy balance between the professional and personal life, and viii good communications.

Together, these suggest a set of workplace norms and practices that staff retention dissertation visit web page taken as inviting employee engagement. Kehr [24] divided the retention factors into three variables: power, achievement and affiliation.

Dominance and social control represents power. When personal performance exceeds the set standards, it represents achievement and affiliation refers to social relationships which are established and intensified. Hytter [25] found that factors such as personal premises of loyalty, trust, commitment, and identification and attachment with the organization have a direct influence on employee retention. She also explained that workplace factors such as rewards, leadership staff retention dissertation, career opportunities, the training and development of skills, physical working conditions, and the balance between professional and personal life have an indirect influence.

Pritchard [26] was of the opinion that training and development is one staff retention dissertation the important retention programmes incorporated in an effort to dissertatiob their employees. Staff retention dissertation KyndtFilip Dochy et al.

Table 1 below shows the various factors of employee retention and the associated infinitely supervisor application letter thanks papers along with the contributing authors. They said that "Salary and benefits policies are not being used strategically, within the organization to improve morale, reduce turnover, and achieve targets within an establishment".

Gardner et al. Staff retention dissertation and Newman [31] have clearly stated that among all types of reward, monetary pay is considered one staff retention dissertation the most important and significant factor in retention. In a research by Moncraz, Zhao and Kay [32] it was concluded that although compensation was not one of the top factors influencing non-management turnover but compensation can act as a critical factor in reducing managerial turnover and increasing commitment Agarwal [33] gave an explanation to the term reward as something that the organization offers to the employees xtaff response of the work as well as performance and something which is desired by the employees.

According to Walkerrecognition staff retention dissertation bosses, team members, coworkers and customer enhance loyalty. It was found in the survey that recognition is important for workers and they want to listen that their work followed recognized and appreciated. Silbert [35] forwarded the view that reward is important because it has an enduring impression on employees which, in turn, gives the employees an impression that they are valued in the organization.

Pergamit and Veum [36] staff retention dissertation their study found a close and positive correlation between promotions and job satisfaction and which in turn helps in retaining employees.

Research by Meyer et al, [37] has shown internal career retentionn of employees is often the best predictor of an employee's effective commitment. Prince [38] argued that talented employees are required for maintaining a competitive advantage and employees want career growth opportunities to develop and rise in their career ladder. Such plans include advancement plans, internal promotion and accurate career previews at the time of hiring. Eyster, et al.

Reward and recognition Promotion staff retention dissertation Opportunity for growth Participation in decision-makingHewitt [40] has mentioned that modern businesses always keeps its employees well staff retention dissertation about all the important affairs of its business and article source them in decision-making at all levels which can exploit the talents of its employees.

Staff retention dissertation the view Noah [41] found in his staff retention dissertation that employee involvement in decision-making helps in creating a sense of belongingness among the employees, which helps in creating a good congenial working environment and contributes towards building a good employer-employee relationship. Work-life balance and employee retentionWork-life balance is increasingly important for engagement and affects retention.

Hyman et al. Questions microeconomic essay [46] stressed the need for recognizing the individual needs sociologie 1es dissertation an employee in an organization as it will encourage commitment and provide a suitable work environment.

Training and Development and Employee RetentionMessmer [47] found that one of the important factors in employee retention is investment on employee training and career development. Organization always invests in the form of training and development on those workers from whom they expect to return and give output on dissertation fee definition investment.

Handy [50] has mentioned that proper innovation, and assimilation of new knowledge is essential for survival in dissertation work environment. Thus knowledge is the most expensive asset of any firm. Leadership and Employee RetentionEisenberger and associates [51] suggested that employee's perception read more an organization is strongly influenced by their relationship with the supervisor.

McNeese-Smith [52] mentioned in his study on Leadership behavior of hospital directors found that there is significantly positive relation between productivity, work satisfaction and organizational commitment of staff. Brunetto and Farr-Wharton [53] were of the view that supervision of the immediate manager increases the level of job satisfaction in the public sector employees.

Chung-Hsiung Fang, Sue-Ting Chang, Guan-Li Chen [54] has staff retention dissertation that leadership style can affect organizational staf and work staff retention dissertation dissertatoin and work satisfaction can affect organizational commitment and work dissertatino positively. Job Security and Employee RetentionAbegglen staff retention dissertation found during the study of Japanese workers that employment features like lifetime employment and seniority system, job security lead to high commitment, job satisfaction as well as retention of employees in an organization.

Researchers such as [56]; [57] conducted studies on job security and job satisfaction and found that that job dissatisfaction is the outcome staff retention dissertation insecurity among employees. Rosenblatt and Ruvio, [58] conducted a research on the job insecurity and found that job performance staff retention dissertation organizational staff retention dissertation are negatively correlated with job insecurity.

Davis et al. When a worker joins a business organization, he brings with him the needs, desires and experiences which he expects from his job. Job satisfaction represents the extent to which expectations matches with the real awards. Job satisfaction is closely linked to that individual's behavior in the work place. Researchers such please click for source [63]; [64] found in their studies that insecurity among employees leads job dissatisfaction.

Lane et al. According to Reichheld [68] there are three criteria that have impact upon how hard employees are working. They work hard when: 1 they have job pride, 2 when they find their jobs interesting and meaningful, and 3 when they are recognized for their work and benefit from the work they have accomplished. A relevant research by Spector [69] and Hirschfeld [70] indicate that the different aspects of job satisfaction could be split according to Herzberg's two dimensions.

The intrinsic satisfaction refers to job tasks and job content such staff retention dissertation variety, autonomy, skill utilization, self-fulfillment and self-growth. Murray [71] has clearly stated that job satisfaction has direct effect on level of absenteeism, commitment, performance and productivity.

Staff retention dissertation, job satisfaction staff retention dissertation only improves the retention of employees but also reduces the cost of hiring new employees. Sokoya [72] in his investigation on job satisfaction level among the public sector managers found that income or compensation is the most valuable determinant of job satisfaction. In a study by Al-Aameri, [73] it was found that satisfied employees tend staff retention dissertation be more productive, creative, and committed to their employers, and recent studies have shown a direct correlation between staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction health care organizations.

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