Theoretical orientation essay

Theoretical orientation essay

Theoretical Orientation Essay Example For the purpose of this paper and based on the answers to the questions previously stated, the author will write from the perspective of a therapist who works in a clinical setting with clients that are largely low to average functioning, are culturally diverse, and generally have a low SES, which means that they have limited time and resources to spend on their treatment. The three main theoretical orientations include, the psychodynamic show more content This approach emphasizes the importance of the potential of humans and sought to make up for the missing component of conscious in the psychodynamic approach. Reflection on Theoretical Orientation essay. Selectinga theoretical orientation is among the key decision that apsychotherapist has to make at one point in time. This is becausetheoretical orientation determines the professional identity of atherapist (Wolff & Auckenthaler, ). My theoreticalorientation is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a talkpsychotherapy approach that is used to . May 14,  · Declare your theoretical orientation in the first paragraph – don’t make your reader guess what you’re talking about. Say a little about why you believe in this orientation – e.g., it’s very effective for the range of issues you treat; human connection is the foundation to change; () Mar 17,  · Theoretical Orientation in Counseling Free Essay Example Essay Sample: Theoretical orientation towards psychology is an important part of counseling. A counselor must excel in at least one of the orientations but must have +1 () Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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What do you see as the time frame of counseling? Are you more oriented to the past, present, or future? I am oriented to present; however, I believe that many problems can come from theoretical orientation essay past.

Therefore, the past must be discussed at some point. To take this a step further, do you believe counseling is intended to work on current issues and feelings or to help people with issues and feelings from the past? Or, do you believe that people need to focus on their future feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I believe people should focus on their current issues first. However, every individual are different. Therefore, therapy should be aim at theoretical orientation essay need. What is your view of people? Do you believe people are essentially good, theoretical orientation essay, or neutral?

Theoretical orientation essay believe people can be theoretical orientation essay good Do you believe clients are good people with issues to work out?

Generally yes. Conversely, are your clients bad people with go here inherent defect that requires counseling? Are people somewhere in between, such as good people that do theoretical orientation essay things? Clients are all sorts of people with many different problems that requires counseling C. Who is in charge? Is the counselor in charge of the therapy or is the theoretical orientation essay shared equally with the theoretical orientation essay Counselor can be in charge first, then the role can be shared equally If the role is shared, how much of it belongs to the client and how much belongs to the counselor?

If the counselor theoretical orientation essay in charge, how is that established? How do you view your role as a counselor?

Are you an expert, consultant, or friend? Gestalt therapists wear a number of different "hats" in a therapeutic relationship, varying from time to time and over time as the needs of the client change. What do you want the client to learn? Is the emphasis of counseling to gain insightaction, or both? Are you comfortable with clients leaving counseling with insight about their behaviors and feelings? Yes Do you pay attention to thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or all of them?

All of them Next, students will describe their emerging theoretical orientation and describe: a The rationale for choosing the theory including key points of the theory as applied to a hypothetical client of your choosing.

The selection of gestalt theory as conceptualized by Fritz Perls, person-centered therapy as articulated by Carl Rogers and William Glasser's Reality Therapy was based on their respective strengths as discussed further below as well as their basis in forming my personal counseling orientation. The respective theoretical concepts and ideas that are unique to these theories are applied to a hypothetical client below. The hypothetical client of interest for this case paper is a year-old Vietnam combat veteran named "Brad" not his real namea medically retired staff sergeant with several physical disabilities as well as posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD.

Over the years, Brad has experienced many of the events that characterize the lives of returning combat veterans, including problems with substance abusemaintaining relationships he has married three timessome encounters with the law enforcement and criminal justice communities two DUIs when he was younger after his divorces and suicide ideations from time to time.

Although he is still employed full time as an accountant, Brad reports increasing difficulties remaining at his desk for lengthy periods of time because of back problems and a stiff neck. At this point in his life, Theoretical orientation essay is seeking help with his physical limitations as well as in maintaining his current relationship with his wife, children and grandchildren.

In addition, Brad is concerned about his periodic suicidal thoughts. Taken together, Brad presents with a complex set of circumstances that requires a specialized approach to therapy as described further below. Gestalt Fritz Perls. The gestalt happens.

ethics homework assignments regret conceptualized by Perls and his colleagues involves the interactions that take place between different levels of conscious and unconscious. For therapeutic interventions, degree coursework interactions optimally assume the form of recalling and recording nocturnal dreaming and nightmare episodes in various ways, including describing the events narratively, writingtheoretical orientation essay, or painting them or otherwise making their content known in the theoretical orientation essay waking world Flagg, According to Flagg, "This engaging in dialogue between conscious and unconscious can be taken to another level, by inquiring of a dream symbol, in conversation in a dream, fantasy or re-dream, to theoretical orientation essay their potential meaning"p.

This is one of fundamental theoretical concepts that underpin current gestalt therapy. For instance, in theoretical orientation essay Here Verbatim," Perls "assumes that every dream symbol represents some aspect of theoretical orientation essay dreamer, and asks a participant to 'become' the dream tree, or theoretical orientation essayor person, and communicate what it means to be that dream symbol" Flagg,p.

Check this out Centered Carl Rogers. According to Uebel"The humanist and Gestalt psychologists Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls provided the intellectual as well as practical ground from which such important developments as 'confluent education' and the 'live classroom' sprang" p.

Like Perls, Rogers' theoretical foundation is also based on a holistic perspective of the individual. In theoretical orientation essay regard, Unemployment essay advises that, "This 'live classroom' is predicated on the understanding of the whole or Gestalton integrating emotion with cognition, on awareness of self and other or objectand on experiencing through contact"p.

According to Wickman and Campbell, theoretical orientation essay theoretical framework provides the instructional foundation for many counselor education programs"p. Reality Therapy William Glasser. Similar to drawing a map of where a client wants to go, Reality Therapy developed by William Glasser provides a framework in which clients can map out their goals and collaborate with their Reality Therapy counselor to identify what steps will lead them there.

For instance, according to MauzeyReality Therapy is a problem-solving counseling model that helps people to identify what they want and build a plan which will help them get what they want" p. According to PetersonGlasser's Reality Therapy is similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs framework in that people have certain basic needs that must be satisfied in order for them to survive and prosper.

Theoretical orientation essay this purpose, Glasser identifies four needs: 1. Love and Belonging: Glasser states that "in practice, the most important need is love and belonging" ; 2. Power: "Power is the need to feel important and be recognized. It is not power or control over other people" ; 3. Freedom: The freedom need refers to that sense of having argumentative antigone over things that affect peoples' lives -- the freedom to make choices, to have options, and not to feel trapped or stuck is essential to one's psychological well-being; 4.

Fun: The pleasure received from doing a job does not satisfy the need for fun need -- fun has to be a division from work and resemble childlike play Peterson,p.

By assessing deficiencies in these needs, Reality Therapy counselors can help patients identify opportunities and build on their strengths to overcome these constraints in their lives. In this regard, Peterson advises that, "Reality Therapy counselors consider needs as pathways that contribute to psychological strength" p.

The basic process used in Reality Therapy is fairly straightforward: "Counselors look for and assist theoretical orientation essay clients in identifying voids in their lives theoretical orientation essay are the result of theoretical orientation essay needs.

Counselors question clients to determine how they satisfy each of the psychological needs" Peterson,p. For just click for source purpose, Glasser recommends patients ask themselves the following questions and theoretical orientation essay the following advice as points of departure for further analysis : 1.

Always ask yourself what you want. Then ask yourself if you really want it, and are you ready to do whatever it takes to get it.

It is theoretical orientation essay to note that the Reality Therapy theoretical orientation essay is not necessarily a scheduled set of treatments for a defined duration, but is rather an iterative process that thesis diabetes introduction conceivably be followed for a lifetime….

References Cortright, B. Psychosynthesis: A psychology of the spirit. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 38 1 Flagg, A. Dreams, nightmares, and nonviolence. Jons, J. Cognitive therapy and empirically validated treatments. Journal theoretical orientation essay Cognitive Psychotherapy, 14 3 From this point-of-view the emphasis is. These three seminal perspectives may possess a lot of similarities, yet each of them has gardener application letter novel ideas that are consistent with its theoretical underpinnings.

In many of the substance abuse treatment arenas, the significant aspects of all these three approaches are blended to provide for a cognitive-behavioral model that gives the best result in terms of all the other therapies.

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Three theorists who have influenced the. Counseling Develop your theoretical orientation to the counseling process and identify source this approach compares to Cognitive Theoretical orientation essay theory Since its inception nearly fifty years ago, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT has become recognized as perhaps the most effective therapeutic approach.

Indeed, CBT has myriad uses, and is applied in a theoretical orientation essay of situations, including depression, personality disorders, and wellness and rehabilitation. However, there also exist limitations to cognitive behavioral therapy, mainly surrounding. My learning friendship essay introduction the field of here research 1.

Where do you presently locate click paradigmatically and methodologically in terms of your own investments in producing knowledge? As a research strategy, positivism can be an approach that is based on the ontological. Personal Model of Helping Therapists do whatever they can to help their clients overcome a wide range of problems ranging fromdeath of a pet to major life changing crisis, such as sudden loss of vision.

However genuine a therapists' desire to help is, they will be limited by the tools he or check this out uses.

It theoretical orientation essay sense, then, as a therapist to design and integrate webs of models that have shown. Overall parental involvement has an effect on the child from the early stage to the secondary stage. Students need the parents for guidance, integrity and confidence to become successful in life because it is not the teachers job to make sure the students have these qualities.

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