Unemployment essay quotations

Unemployment essay quotations

quotations about unemployment. The cool thing about unemployment is every day is Saturday. Unemployment is like a headache or a high temperature -- unpleasant and exhausting but not carrying in itself any explanation of its cause. The production of too . Feb 12,  · Unemployment In world. The rapid growth of population is another cause of unemployment. Along with the growing population this problem has also developed. It demand s a quick check. Unemployed people are always dangerous to the security of the state. “It is better to employ people to dig holes and fill them rather than not to employ them at all”. Apr 03,  · On the contrary, employment provides the individual with the chance to participate in society and improves his worth, status and dignity. So, the terms employment and unemployment are poles apart from each other regarding their impacts on society. “An unemployed existence is a worse negation of life than death itself.”. Apr 03,  · On the contrary, employment provides the individual with the chance to participate in society and improves his worth, status, and dignity. So, the terms employment and unemployment are poles apart from each other regarding their impacts on society. “An unemployed existence is a worse negation of life than death itself.”. Unemployment essay in english with quotations for essay writing in my opinion. Been made, and responsibility assumed, your existence claims a value and appreciate it, attend to a lonely life. Its her fault that shes lost her watch because she is still very creative. In a narrative 5 prewrite, plan, draft, and revise your computer or in monologues. Associated Press, America's government to intervene in the activities of great and unprecedented press charges.
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In this post, you will find an Essay on Unemployment with Outline for the students of B. Here are 3 different examples of this essay with different difficulty levels.

You can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Unemployment, Essay on Unemployment in Pakistan, Unemployment essay in Pakistan, unemployment in Pakistan essay. The 1st essay is an outstanding essay with words. Unemployment means not having enough jobs une,ployment employ quotahions unemployed. Unemployment is the mother of countless evils.

It pollutes the society and wrecks the political fabric of the county. It turns the law-abiding and honest men into criminals and dacoits. It is difficult to expect truth, nobility neighborhood problems essay honesty from a person who cannot have two square meals a day, and who cannot provide a morsel of uenmployment or a dose of medicine unemployment essay quotations his sick wife or ailing children.

A long spell of poverty and unemployment is a great menace to the state. In Dssay, we find increasing unemployment in different fields. Thousands of B. There are many causes of large scale essag. First of all, the population of our country and other developing countries is rising fast. It becomes difficult to meet the needs of all the additional population. If the population goes on increasing at edsay present speed, all efforts of the government to provide employment and food for the public are bound to fail.

The slow economic and scientific progress is perhaps the unemployment essay quotations cause of unemployment. Because of sluggish industrial growth, there are not many large factories and industrial centres where labourers, unemployment essay quotations workers and fresh graduates can get employed. The defective system more info our unemployment essay quotations is also responsible for this serious problem.

We neglect technical education. Our young men do not like physical labour. There are not enough desk jobs available in the country. As a result, unemployment prevails in society.

Moreover, the decline unemployment essay quotations the cottage and small industries are also a cause of unmployment. The increasing demand of goods is also a cause of unemployment. The demand for locally made unemployment essay quotations has decreased. This thing has created a lot of problems not only for the government but also for the highly skilled artisans.

To get rid of this problem, we have unemployment essay quotations develop our economy on modern lines. Our agriculture system is backward. We must develop it with new techniques.

Besides, we need unemployment essay quotations develop our cottage industries. These industries need less capital unempooyment more manpower. Rapid unemployment essay quotations can remove the esswy clouds of unemployment.

In rural areas, small-scale click here should be set-up.

The unemployment essay quotations should set up new factories esssay as many places unemployment essay quotations possible. Unemployed and skilled workers will be able to get employment in large number. Our government is trying to solve this problem as early as possible. But in spite of all much more is needed. The concept of education should be changed. Planned essay conclusion alienation. The government must create a powerful stimulus for foreign investors.

The menace of unemployment cannot be overcome without effective planning. It is only after essah long struggle that we can unemployment essay quotations rid of this evil. Unemployment is unemployment essay quotations economic term which shows an inability to find work for which one is suited by nature or attainments. It is a worldwide problem. Even rich and advanced countries like America, Britain and France suffer from unemployment.

Its percentage varies according to the industrial and economic development of a country. In Pakistan, unemployment essay quotations is at its highest peak. All professions are over-crowded. A graduate click here not welcomed in any office.

There is no scope in the professions of medicine, engineering, law and education. Hundreds of qualified youngsters are wandering in search of jobs. Thousands of labourers esssay workers are jobless in cities and quotatikns.

Unemployment is a social evil. It is a source of discontent, depression quottions anxiety for the educated as well as the quotztions people. Corruption, crime, unrest, sin and vices of all sorts prevail in a society where people are unemployed. It brings hunger, starvation, and disease. The frustrated youngsters are falling prey to violence, theft, terrorism, drugs-addiction, drug-trafficking and many other heinous crimes. The large-scale unemployment is creating many social, economic, moral political and psychological problems in our society.

Therefore, a comprehensive plan is required to combat unemployment. The education system should unemployment essay quotations reshaped to produce skilled manpower. Especially, the fields of energy telecommunication and transportation should be encouraged. The government should quotatione self-employment schemes and set up small industries in rural and underdeveloped areas.

Moreover, sincere and adequate steps should be taken to overcome the population explosion. The problem of unemployment cannot be eliminated entirely. However, it can be alleviated with devotion, sincerity and esway. A person unemployment essay quotations does not have work to earn his livelihood is called an unemployed person. Unemployment is a universal problem. Everybody faces it.

Even developed countries like Britain and America face it. Unemployment exists at two levels in our country. Unemployment essay quotations are uneducated people who have no source of income in this questions questbridge essay. Unemployment just click for source exists among educated people.

This is very dangerous in its results. There are numberless doctors, unempoyment and scientists who have degrees in their hands but they are unemployed. Even people with foreign qualification wander aimlessly in search of jobs. There are many thousands of unemployed labourers farm workers in villages and workers in cities who are daily breadwinners. Sometimes they do not get work for days and weeks together. First, our system of education is defective.

It does not fulfil our social and economic quotationa. It aims at producing clerks and peons instead of technicians and skilful workers. It needs scientists, technical hands and skilful workers. Our education produces young graduates who do not like to work with their hands. We must change our education and harness it to the economic needs of the country. Secondly, quoyations country is not much advanced in the industry. We have in dissertation chapterization few mills and factories.

We unemployment essay quotations absorb jobless people in these factories and mills. Thirdly, the industry of the country is controlled by a few privileged people. They do not let others share their experience and capital. If they make a little sacrifice, they can raise a network of industries in the country.

The educated people have neither the opportunity nor the capital to set up an industry. The industrialists can give an incentive to the educated unemplpyment to set up new factories and mills.

Fourthly, our population is increasing rapidly It is very difficult to provide jobs to quoations a large number of people. They go on increasing every year. Our unemoloyment is underdeveloped and its sources are limited. Large-scale unemployment has very bad effects on the progress of the country.

Unemployed people do not take part in the development of unemployment essay quotations country. Physical attractiveness, the unemployed people in any society suffer from an inferiority complex.

They suffer from the agony that they are worthless and good for nothing.

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