Council of Europe: stricter rules for bank transparency is established

By the end of today's meeting of Europe's leaders in Brussels, the Council of Europe stated that the current situation, the real political will among European nations to tackle tax evasion is formed. Herman Van Rmpvy told reporters that this year, Europe Union, stricter rules on the transparency of banking operations will be developed. Opportunities in dealing with multinational companies in various countries for tax audits and tax evasion is the main objective.Europe's leaders also want to set global standards on exchange of information related to bank accounts are.EU leaders are meeting today in Europe, possible preventive measures to fight tax evasion, as well as multinational corporations looked to improve Europe's energy market.

It is said that due to tax evasion by large companies, Europe Union countries have lost $1.3 trillion annually.
Europe's Parliament to investigate the matter and submit a report prepared solution, the Europe Union has been asked to identify weaknesses in the tax system and reduce the possibility of tax evasion, this figure to one-half 2020 Brsand.

It Klyva Kkvs under the Socialist members of parliament in Europe is provided. His current condition on the cross to pay taxes is described. On Tuesday, at a meeting in Parliament was held on tax evasion by large companies, "said National Unilateral actions to deal with this phenomenon (tax evasion) will not suffice". MPs call for blacklisting the countries and areas in Europe that have a tax haven, to create the conditions for tax evasion.

Tax havens are areas where regulations to allow companies that are registered in the areas of taxation, the main countries involved pull themselves out of their. Europe Commission has also requested information from the individual income tax states will automatically be exchanged between the entities. Jose Manuel Barroso, EU Commission President Barroso said that Europe should coordinate Europe for the exchange to take the first of January 2015. Member of the Group of Eight industrialized nations need to intensify global action to tackle the next month of tax evasion will. Cooperation in the energy sector Other discussions centered union leaders Wednesday that Europe Member States in the area of energy policy, particularly the need to improve Europe's energy infrastructure and efforts to advance the use of renewable energies, such as solar and wind power respectively.

News about tax evasion by multinational companies behind the protests in Europe Many Eastern European countries are dependent on Russian gas supplies to consume previously, controversy over gas prices has led to a decline in the supply of these goods in the winter. Europe European Commission has followed the agreement in 2011 were in the energy sector, to get regulatory approval. They have warned that the current situation, Europe's gas imports will increase to 80 percent in 2035.

The cost of oil, gas and coal imported nearly 406 billion euros Europe Union now looks. There are many diverse sources of energy supply in Europe, countries such as France depends on nuclear reactors for energy and other countries such as Poland for the supply of coal locate the bulk of the energy. Because of this diversity, the energy that is needed investments in infrastructure projects in the energy sector executive Chndmylyard euro, they are confronted with great difficulties and limitations.



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