Astronomers discover an asteroid close to the Earth

This Week in the Secret Knowledge of the morning of Sunday, May 26 morning program on BBC Radio broadcast was discussed in the report: Sky News about the passing of a great rock in a few days around the Earth, the connection between the prosperity creativity Primitive Courses in South africa and the success of global warming, scientists at the lab with Vitamin C to kill the TB. Pass near Earth We pass through the asteroid that hit Earth in the past have The rock is almost two kilometers long and 700 meters and its surface is covered with a black substance like soot. Speaking of a celestial object that is ten o'clock at night on 31 May near the time of the passage of time. But not too close together. If you want to go five million and 700 thousand kilometers away, which is fifteen times farther than the moon.

Denton Abel, director of physical sciences at the Museum of Natural History in New York, told BBC Persian that such an object because it is not very close attention to something close to the ground is so great that is to be It's interesting to. Astronomers have detected the object in 1998 and expects to have the happy and the laws of gravity is so great that it is so curiosity made visible. "That was three months ago when a meteor exploded in the sky, the central part of Russia. Poured onto a chunk of damage inflicted to buildings.

Mr. Abel said the meteor exploded on the same day that an asteroid only a fraction of the distance between Earth and the moon goes around the earth, and the newly added event curiosity toward the asteroid. Furthermore, the notion that such a day may add to the object is to hit the ground. The stone was larger than the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago the earth was. Abel doctor says: "The object of the dinosaurs, according to estimates, 10 kilometers diameter was too large.

 Thing is just too small., But if he would have hit the ground in a large area will cause severe damage. "Astronomers have many questions about the origins of the asteroid. Is it a comet passing near the sun, known as the Kuiper belt is removed, or when part of a large collection of small and large asteroid that the planet are the solar system. But when I was close to the ground will have the opportunity to review it carefully. Powerful radar distance of 4 meters on the level of detail will be able to see it.
Astronomers say that the next time an asteroid called 1998 Q 2 105 years would pass through the area.
The evolution of human behavior in relation to climate Instrument development has flourished during the hot and humid Research suggests that abrupt climate change in africa, technical and cultural progress in the initial period of development is fueled by modern man.

Professor Ian Hall from Cardiff University said that climate change in several of the early Stone Age was associated with the development of instrument development. Scientists say that vitamin C can destroy tuberculosis drug resistance in the laboratory. The study authors say the discovery of unexpected Yshyva in America may be a way to deal with this infection is difficult to treat lead. The estimated 650 thousand people worldwide are infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis. In laboratory studies, vitamin C plays a "reducing agent" played, what is the production of free radicals and the free radicals that cause cell death were even some who were not cured the conventional antibiotics. Researchers say that vitamin C may be used in addition to TB drugs or medications may make scientists whose work is intense production of free radicals in the body.


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Astronomers discover an asteroid close to the Earth

This Week in the Secret Knowledge of the morning of Sunday, May 26 morning program on BBC Radio broadcast...

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