Image missing some of winners at cannes

Film "Imagine" Lost Ryty pen made from a kind of Look Cambodia won the best film award. Saturday night (25 May) of the jury at the cannes Film Festival award for best film to the movie "The Missing Image" Ryty pen made from donated Cambodia. Ryty PEN Award for his efforts filmmaker Jafar Panahi to continue in difficult times, the filmmaker offered. Thomas Vyntrbrg, renowned Danish filmmaker, director Enrique Gonzalez Macho jury and producer, Piere Lovdvyn old actress Zhang Zi Yi and actress Aida Santiago, president of the Rio Film Festival in Chinese, the Vyntrbrg, a look at the videos they make judgments. Image "Lost", a documentary and narrative filmmaker, came to power in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge. Ryty Penn, who was 13 at the time, using clay sculpture, decoration dolls, archival and documentary shots of some scenes, shows how the Pol Pot regime in the name of socialism, social justice, equality and people's life motto People Cambodian territory and drew blood and cities into ruins.

The jury award to the Palestinian movie "Life" by Hany Abu-Assad was awarded. "Life", the shocking story of a young life is the core strength of a small Palestinian militant in the West Bank against Israel's intelligence services are, however, caught up in conspiracies against the state of Israel and placed. Abvasd (s film Paradise Now), one of the best and most daring Palestinian filmmakers. In this video he shows how the space is filled with violence and hatred, cynicism and distrust are sown the seeds of love and friendships are destroyed. A look at the best director of the French film director Alain Zhyrvdy "stranger Lake" was awarded.

The young cast of the movie "The Golden Cage" Mexican filmmaker Koya Mada Diego Diaz, who received the Young Talent Award. "Golden Cage", a film, a road movie style realistic baby Amir Naderi and Majid Majidi's Iranian film, is the story of three young Guatemalan who seek a better life long and hazardous journey to America turns. Sarah (one of the three young men) to rescue from evil bandits and robbers, and harassment, a man sets himself to reveal his identity, but plagued by bandits and is. Indian teen chokes with them in a way to get to know that there is no legal proof of identity and can not speak Spanish. Emotional relationship between Sarah and choke comes to the reader and makes them jealous enemy choke but eventually get caught with Sarah and the two rivals in harsh conditions, they become a friend to be an enemy.

Ramon Medina, Brandon Lopez and Rodolfo Dominguez, starring teen sensation and impact of video games have to offer. Future Filmmaker Award to Vale Juice Station, built in America and was awarded the Ryan Kugler. This year 17 films from different countries were displayed at a glance. The Iranian film "manuscripts do not burn" Mohammad Rasoulof made about the serial killings of Iranian intellectuals and writers in Iran built without permit, the department had failed to win a prize. Rasoulof, two years ago, the movie "The Hope" will now look at a draft of this section was the best director award.

Film "manuscripts do not burn" Also yesterday Critics Award International Association (Fyprshy) as the best film of the received view. Fyprshy Award for best film in the competition section of the erotic and romantic film "Blue is the hottest color" pastor made Latif was awarded the French filmmaker. The movie "The Last" by Asghar Farhadi, who was involved in a major competition, he received a special award as the best film of the Catholic Church.



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Image missing some of winners at cannes

Film "Imagine" Lost Ryty pen made from a kind of Look Cambodia won the best film award....

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