A week of music: amelie document record breaking fifty years old beatles

Fifty-year-old Amelie Beatles broke the record evidence. Sixty-third album Our Version Of Events for the Week of Great Britain was the top ten best-selling albums.
The record was previously owned by Beatles album "Plyz Plyz the" sixty-two weeks in the 1962-63 Great Britain was among the ten best-selling albums. The document says: "It is unreal to me that my name appears as the name of a Beatles be seen., For an album that has been a long time in the top of the table to be is a special relationship-the has been on and I'm very happy about it".

Amelie document the singer song writer musician Lbryns Beneath you Are Beautiful Sandy had three songs on the table top grossing song is Great Britain. Read All About It by Professor Green Lyrics, Song Beneath You Are Beautiful with Lbrynt and Next To Me. "Nkst You" is currently the United States Track and document Forty-six tables bill board next month for a concert America will be up foothold in the market to open. The former medical student is a document that says "America must be kept in mind that this is a very big market and understand there will be success. Sense I am an adventurer, and the second part of the story. But the most important thing me Now, it is my new album which I love. " Return disco music Achieved Rogers (first from left), along with the band's most successful disco group Chic Daft punk band with their new song called Get Lucky in disco music for the first time Great Britain won first place for best song. However, with the help of renowned and successful artists in pop music is "Ferrell Williams" and "Rogers achieved".

Ferrell Williams, who had a song in the style of "R & B" album has been released with Hip Hop Nerd. He won eight Grammy Awards as a producer was the four of them. Achieved Rogers guitar in this song is one of the stars of the disco music. Daft Punk Group Rogers, founder of one of the most successful groups to achieve the disco group Chic, and produced albums for many pop stars including album "Ltz dance" David Bowie. Daft Punk is a French duo works in various styles of dance music. It began operation in 1992 and the most successful song before, which was second only to Great Britain Prfrshtryn song called One More Time. Anthology are still alive Anthology album sales for the first time in the last decade increased. Contrary to what was expected Astrymyng sites such as WiFi Hotspot, Youtube and iTunes are not the end of the album. According to the Guardian, at the Anthology album in Great Britain in 2012, more than twenty million copies have been sold, which represents a seven per cent growth over the previous year.

Buy this album from 2004 was a recession year nor more than thirty million copies were sold. Download this album for twenty-three percent of the sales form. One of the bestselling series Album Now Thats What I Call Music name that is thirty years old this year. According to Jeff Taylor, president of the company, "JBL P". The reason for the popularity of this album is the amount of time and a lot of music in a way that people prefer to be a market specialist in the genres of music, the best of for the anthology. On the other hand, most of the album with an affordable price tag of between forty to sixty songs are music fans.


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