Crown europe was over bayern munich at wembley

Arjen robben scored the final minutes were the bad memories of the champions league FC Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund to win their place in the champions league, Champions of Europe Season to 13-2012.Bayern Munich reached the champions league final twice in the past three years, but was defeated both times in the final race. The match against Inter Milan in the final in 2010 with coach José Mourinho was defeated both the zero and twelve months after the team's loss to Chelsea on penalties in the donation cup. But the discomfort and wait Bayern Munich on Saturday (May 25 - June quarter) and the championship battle ended all German. Raising the Cup was the best thing that could happen to yeop Haynks coach this team. German 68-year-old coach to retire at the end of the season and replaced by Spanish coach Pep Guardiola said.

Haynks earn a chance to win the Cup again and it is Bayern Munich, in his last match in the finals of a tournament again this season will be Stuttgart, Germany in front. The final victory over Bayern Munich vs Inter repeated tears and Chelsea robben had two previous finals. He, along with Chelsea in 2005 and 2007 and failed twice against Liverpool in the semi-final to reach the final.But when robben played 89 minutes of extra time to prepare the players for their Drvtmvnd, with Franck Ribery pass and hit the exact center of defense was rejected by Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Vaydnflr the team to beat in the final failure champions league to end. He was also the founder of Bayern's first goal, his pass into the middle, and a 60-minute match Bayern Mnjdvkych a zero before the throw.On the other hand Dortmund vs Bayern was also closed down the arms and legs, the team's first two games of the Bundesliga Bundesliga match shows that the new hub in Europe is football.

Seven minutes after the first goal for Bayern Bayern's Brazilian defender Dante changes the penalty area and referee Marco Rios foul penalty he had detected movement. Aylkay Gvndvghan for 67 minutes against Bayern goalkeeper Neuer ball into the net to make it 1-1, but robben scored in the final minutes turned the champions league final. Led by its charismatic Dortmund coach Jurgen club would play in 30 minutes before the fall of Bayern, Dortmund yellow coating at the beginning of the game in full possession of the ball but could not open the gate Bayern keeper Manuel Neuer prevented the side's reactions in Dortmund.

Noir seven games in the first 35 minutes of reaction, and Bayern goalkeeper who won seven national squad against Barcelona Bayern zero sum game sweep Nyaftdh so the risk of the capabilities revealed.

He had two great chances to score from the first Borussia Dortmund striker Robert was Lvandvfsky. Bayern Munich will play at the beginning of the race to take on the risk of serious head injury Mnjdvkych first created in Dortmund on goal. Reuben continued in the first half, Bayern could bring it up while he escaped the offside trap and was positioned himself with Dortmund keeper, the gate opens again regain. Approaching the end of the first half, Bayern dominated the game and could end up more and more on the beautiful robben on 60 minutes and finishing well ahead Mnjdvkych a zero occurs.



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Crown europe was over bayern munich at wembley

Arjen robben scored the final minutes were the bad memories of the Champions League FC Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund to win their place in the champions league...

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