Ice flood in Michigan and how to act during and after flood

As a result, a small warming ice on the river Muskegon cracked and melted, causing unusual flooding. Along with the water from the banks out blocks of ice and flooded the homes of local residents.

People who live in close proximity to the river, were evacuated yesterday. Among the evacuees were two elderly women who were hiding from the rising water on the second floor.

Mike Entszer who has lived here for 26 years, says he has never seen such flooding, as what happened on Wednesday. "I never thought I'd see this day, when I come to your house".

"When I got to my home, the water just was not far from my door, after 3 hours it was at the entrance. Luckily I managed to remove all the furniture in the garage, "he said. He added that he was one of the lucky few, as the house of his neighbors now flooded. "They came home and caught their homes flooded by about a meter of water, and their dogs had to seek refuge on the furniture, trying to survive".

Congestion on the river, were caused by an increase in temperature, which resulted in the ice melted and moved down the river, eventually creating a jam-like "ice dam".

"In this region, often happen like ice dams, but they are usually very small in size and continue for long", said National Weather Service.

According to eyewitnesses, the ice moving down the river, destroying everything in its path, including destroyed several wooden docks.

How to prepare for flooding:

If your house falls in a flood zone, learn and remember the boundaries of possible flooding, as well as sublime, rarely flooded places located in close proximity to places of residence, as soon as the way towards him;
Familiarize family members with the rules of behavior for individual and organized evacuation, as well as in the event of a sudden and rapidly developing flood;
In advance, make a list of documents, property and drugs exported during the evacuation;
Lay in a special bag or backpack values necessary warm clothes, food rations, water, medicine.

How to act during a flood:

Carefully listen to the information, take note and fulfill all the requirements of flood commission;
Turn off the gas, electricity and water;
Extinguish the fire in the burning furnaces;
Valuables and furniture to move to the upper floors or attic;
Close windows, doors or even score their boards;
Animals must be released from the premises, and the dogs to untie;
Firewood and all objects that can float away if the water level;
Prepare for evacuation;
In the absence of an organized evacuation, until help arrives or the recession of water, are on the upper floors and roofs of buildings, trees or other objects towering, while constantly apply distress: a day - hanging or waving well visible cloth, a black to a pole, and in the dark time - light signal and periodically voice;
When approaching rescuers calmly, without panic and bustle, with caution, to go swimming facilities. While scrupulously observe the rescuers do not overload boats;
Independently selected from the flooded area is recommended only if serious reasons such as the need to provide medical assistance to victims, the continuing rise of the water level, the threat of flooding of the upper floors (loft). It is necessary to have a reliable swimming facilities and know the direction of motion;
Suddenly found themselves in the water, clear off all my heavy clothes and shoes;

What to do after flooding: http://michiganfloodcleanupservice.com


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