The World’s Most Expensive Gemstones

Since the dawn of time, gemstones have always been used as a symbol of wealth and status. From Cleopatra to modern day Hollywood movie stars, everyone has a favourite gemstone. With that in mind, we found the idea of compiling a list of the world’s most expensive and rarest gemstones to be quite intriguing.
If you think that these precious gems are way beyond your financial scope, think again – and we’ll tell you exactly why at the end of this article!

Alfred Grandidier was a natural historian who is best known for his discovery of the remains of an elephant bird that weighed half a ton and has been extinct for thousands of years in Madagascar. He is also well known for discovering a rare stone that sends out blue, green and white light. At first it was thought to be the gemstone ‘serendibite’, but scientists realised it was a brand new stone. They subsequently named it after the person who discovered it.

There are a lot of different types of garnet on the market that come in various colours. The most expensive one is definitely the blue garnet which was first discovered in Madagascar in the 1990s. Since then it has been mined in Turkey, Russia and the United States of America as well. While it looks like it has more of an aqua/greenish hue to it; the generous amounts of vanadium make it look purplish when held against the light.

This gemstone is a very rare mineral that carries boron inside of it. It has only been discovered in two areas - Ratanapura in Sri Lanka and Mogok in northern Burma which explains the blue-green gemstone’s hefty price tag and exquisite looks.

The red diamond is another extremely rare gemstone with a purplish red colour. A mining company in Australia only manages to find a few of these diamonds each year which are then sold at an auction every few years which explains its high price. Still something you can definitely afford if you play lotto online!

This is actually a pyroxene mineral, and normally has an apple green, bluish green, emerald green or leek green colour. The more intense the green, the more expensive the gemstone – which explains why prices vary. The rarity of this gemstone contributes to the value of the gemstone as does its historical value since the Mesoamerican Olmec used it.

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