Search for oklahoma tornado victims being finished

Local officials say the search for victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma on Monday afternoon almost completed. Brad Grey, chairman of the fire department said 98% sure that no one is trapped in the rubble. It has been a whirlwind 24 victims, of whom nine were children. The number 237 has been injured. Local officials said 2,400 homes were destroyed or damaged tens of thousands of typhoon. Mary Falyn, Governor of Oklahoma, said the number of victims may rise.

Earlier death toll was 51 as it turned out that some of the victims had been registered twice. At the same time the whirlwind speed of 320 kilometers per hour swept through Oklahoma City suburb of Moore Town, Fvjyta has been upgraded to Level 5 on a large scale. Level 5 is the most intense hurricane to measure power. This figure was previously announced fourth grade. According to the National Weather Service of America, the tornado path length of 27km and a width of 2km currently hitting. The tornado 45 minutes in the afternoon of Monday that 55 thousand inhabitants Moore is banged up. According to the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner of the state of damage at more than $3 billion tornado damage in Joplin in Missouri in 2011. The number of victims of the Joplin tornado was 158 but given timely warning to the residents of Moore, was killed in this accident is much less. Local authorities could occur 16 minutes before the tornado, it's up to the residents to seek refuge in safer areas.

Local authorities assess the damage of the cyclone is more than three billion dollars Brad Gray said Monday night that no body has been found or an injured person. Rescue forces have been alive from the rubble of a hundred houses, a school and a hospital to remove. Seven of the nine children who lost their lives in the crash of a school were students. Tornado damaged the roof and walls of the school, students and teachers to save them in the hallways, restrooms and lockers inside the school had gathered.
According to Albert Shvvd, head of the Oklahoma disaster, the school and other schools affected by the typhoon, have no proper shelter.

According to the more than one hundred schools in Oklahoma have received state assistance to build shelters, but these two features are lacking in this school. Barack Obama, America's president has said the crisis-hit region of Oklahoma and federal agencies to assist local authorities come calling. More than 200 members of the Oklahoma National Guard to help with rescue workers from other states are participating in the relief effort.

Oklahoma tornado-prone areas in the United States. City of Oklahoma City is located in an area of America that the tornado corridor is known. In this region of South Dakota and central Texas is extensive, geographical conditions are favorable for tornadoes horrific. Another tornado Sunday killed two people in Ray City, was in Oklahoma. In 1999, a tornado swept Moore speed of 498 kilometers per hour.



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