What Makes The Perfect Baseball Practice Session?

Some people can attend as many baseball practice sessions as their schedule allows, but they still won't see any improvement. Unfortunately, quality always trumps quantity in relation to practice and if you are working on the wrong things, in the wrong way, your time is being wasted.
Bearing the above in mind, we have singled out our favourite three tips for effective baseball practice. If you can adhere to these, your chances of improvement will soar and you will start to see the results in a game-time environment.

There always has to be a goal

One of the most common reasons why a practice session is ineffective is because of the lack of goals. On far too many occasions sessions are "merely" seen as practice and as such, mistakes are accepted and just brushed over. Instead, goals need to be set to at least place pressure onto your performance. For example, if you know that you have to make twenty consecutive catches before you leave the field, it adds an extra zeal to your day and makes you concentrate that little bit harder.

You need to replicate the game scenario

This is very similar to the above, where you need to do everything you can to recreate the game-time situation. It’s again all related to making sessions have a bit of pressure, which is commonplace in the real-time fixture. If you can incorporate as many variables from a fixture into your practice, you’ll be amazed at just how much easier it becomes to adapt to the real thing.

Team work is beneficial, but not essential

Let's be honest, the best practice for baseball involves working in teams. This is how the sport is played and if we again return to those goals, it’s the best way to make and try and achieve them. However, this isn’t always possible – and this isn’t the occasion you should be looking to ditch your session. There are an incredible number of aids, with pitching machines now readily available, which mean that individual practice is becoming more common. It means that there are no excuses for not turning up.


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