Syrian opposition 'evidence' of mass killings in banyas offered byza

Syrian opposition say the accessible evidence and witnesses that prove the West's security forces in Banyas and Byza 200 men, women and children were massacred. The Syrian government had announced about a month before the operation in these areas, forty 'armed terrorists' killed.
Syrian opposition Syrian civil war massacre genocide Fjytrbn read heartbreaking video and confirmed their claims presented as eyewitness testimony. One of the witnesses who fear retaliation preferred to be known by the pseudonym Amabd says, "no matter how much I try to explain what we see and what we hear, not the reality of what happened shows the future". She is the mother of two children with tearful eyes on what Byza occurred in early May, said: "Wherever you walked on foot, would the bodies were either burned or slaughtered". Twelve militants and government forces in May of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast Byza moved towards the village. These forces attacked the next day to the neighboring town of Banyas.

The Syrian government after the operation against armed terrorists killed, forty terrorists called state media reported. But the opposition, human rights activists and witnesses the brutal sectarian attack operations against innocent citizens are described and claimed in the attacks, more than two hundred civilians were killed and hundreds are missing.

Military Pictures and videos claim, bloody corpses of men, women and children with severe wounds and their bodies burned illustrates smoke rising. Independent sources can not confirm the authenticity of the videos and pictures to the BBC spoke with four women who say they have witnessed the attack and they have all confirmed that heinous massacre. All the women said government forces attacked the village on the morning of May 12 Byza began.

According to eyewitnesses, government forces backed by militias, known as the "national defense force" entered the village and began the deadly attack, killed and burned and destroyed. Amabd says, "They were cursing us with the ugliest words. Later said the men should go out of the house or else they will kill us all". The film seems to have been one of the leaked government troops, field houses and cars Byza seen the flare and the ground is bloody. Witnesses said smoke and fire engulfed the entire village was Byza In the next scene, the camera image of a man's body rejected belly on the ground and there is blood that has been dominating the body elsewhere. The film ends on the shop floor is full of corpses were laid out in orderly rows.

Amabd says, "once we sniff the smell of smoke and heard the cries of wild men in every village. Women until six o'clock in the evening did not go out of the house. Amahmd, Amabd like going out of the house after what has been described as: "I ran into the streets and bodies of twenty or thirty men on earth saw, they were shot. Later husband and father, my husband saw the bullet hit them was. than if only the nose and mouth was left of my husband. " Human rights activists and residents said government forces towards the nearby Banyas moved. State media said the operation S·hrvz·h forty terrorists were killed, witnesses the brutal assault on the Sunni militias Alavi speak. Bodies "of coal" Byza field. This image was taken from a film that was one of the government troops Movies and photos of the numerous attacks on government forces in the town of Banyas there are horrible images of the bodies of men, women and children who are thrown together and some of them seem to be accompanied by family members of the murdered.


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