Review of Uvocorp

Freelance academic writing is steadily gaining momentum today with the assurance of decent income. Are you interested in penning down academic articles in English and looking for the right freelance writing portal? Well, you can trust uvo corp here as its one of the most renowned freelance writing companies online. Right from versatile topics to convenient working hours to high payment- Uvocorp has got everything you wish for in a content freelance writing career. The post here presents a brief review on Uvocorp.

• Work from home
The best part of signing up with Uvocorp is that here you are able to work remotely, straight from your home- no matter from which part of the world you are. You are simply required to have a strong internet connection and robust PC/laptop. Thus, a career with Uvocorp enables you to manage your professional life, with due respect to the domestic or personal responsibilities. The orders would be given in advance so that you can always manage the timer ahead. Uvocorp promises a fine balance between freedom & responsibility.

• Only academic skills needed
Uvocorp promises hassle free job opportunities. You are just needed to forward your academic skills and there is no question of registration or entrance fees. Just send the CV and pass the English test- and Uvocorp is ready to absorb you. The company accepts both ENL (English as Native Language) and ESL (English as 2nd Language) writers.

• Versatile subjects
A great bit about Uvocorp is that the renowned online freelance writing firm collects orders on a versatile range of subjects- enabling the writers to pick out their specific sphere of expertise. The diverse subjects covered here include Composition, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Film-Theater studies, Family & Consumer Science, HRM, Maths, Technology, Statistics, Nursing & Music. You just need to specify them about your forte & Uvocorp would take the responsibility to advertise for you before the online clients to secure more orders for you.

• Easily manageable payouts
Uvocorp assures easily manageable payouts for its freelance writers. The writers here can request payment either between 1st & 5th of a month or else 15th & 20th of a month.

• Online tracking
The writers are able to track their order & income status over the internet.

• Privacy guaranteed
Uvocorp understands that many of the writers consider freelance writing as a secondary employment & would prefer to keep it a secret from the primary employer. Uvocorp thus guarantees complete privacy for its writers.

• High wages
This is one of the most significant aspects of taking up a writing career with Uvocorp. Uvocorp appreciates quality work and hence never thinks twice before rewarding the writers with high wages. It’s to stress here that Uvocorp is the sole freelance writing company that offers 30 USD for ENL writers and 17 USD for ESL writers.

• Diverse payment methods
For the convenience of the writers, Uvocorp appreciates diverse payment methods. The company accepts Moneybookers, Paypal, Debit Card, MasterCard and Payoneer. Uvocorp is also flexible with wire transfer for the payouts starting from 300 USD.

• 24/7 support
Uvocorp is committed to its freelance writers and is ready to help whenever needed. With that view in mind, the leading freelance writing company confirms a great 24/7 support facility for the writers- so that they can receive prompt expert attention.


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