The Most Important Element of Scaffolding Safety Training

If you work in an environment where scaffolding is used, it is hugely important that all of those who work on these projects have received appropriate scaffolding safety training. Various elements are involved in this, such as how to behave near scaffolding, how to check it for weak points, how to ascend and descend and more. However, the most important thing of all is that you engage in fall training.

Scaffolding Fall Training

It doesn’t matter how large your construction project is, you must comply with all the necessary safety standards for construction. Indeed, this should be your main priority. There are particular risks and dangers associated with working up a height on an elevated platform. Those dangers affect not just each individual employee, but also those who work around them. Falling off scaffolding presents the biggest danger of all, which is why fall protection training has to be provided.

This training is designed to make sure everybody knows how they are expected to behave on site in order to keep themselves and others safe. The training looks at various important elements, including:

• How to maintain a scaffolding structure.
• How to calculate and maintain the weight limits that these structures can withstand.
• How to use fall arrest systems.
• How to design and implement an emergency protocol should something go wrong.
• How to fall with the least risk of injury.

The goal of fall protection training is two-fold. By the word, it would be easy to presume it teaches people how to fall in such a way that they can survive. This is a big element of the training, but what is actually more important is that it teaches employees how to make sure they don’t actually fall off the structure at all.


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