Possible side effects of stem cells on stroke

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, say doctors injected stem cells into the brains of five patients who had a stroke to improve movement and balance them without consciousness can have side effects. However, scientists say it is too early to conclude on the usefulness of this therapy. For the experimental treatment, nine patients who were 60 to 90 years of age and be safe in their method was still being debated. All these patients had a stroke six months to five years. Then the parts of the brain that was damaged due to stroke, embryonic stem cells were injected. Professor Keith Muir of Glasgow University professor who led the research, said the improved performance of patients with mild to moderate surprised because even expect to improve on one of them is not.

It can not yet be said with certainty whether this improvement is due to the injection of stem cells or because the patient during treatment is considered. It had been thought that six months after the stroke, the brain of patients with stroke symptoms will improve. But according to Professor Muir changes "cool" and "amazing" were seen in these patients, ie, patients who had been completely paralyzed for years now moves the fingers. "We saw the patient before it begins to move in the house while they needed help to move around the awareness of some patients with what is happening better.

This little changed everyday tasks like getting dressed can help patients make better and less dependence on others. Given the positive results obtained in the first phase of the study, the second phase will start this. This step should be to ask the patient how much is due to stem cell therapy. Secondly, even if the use of stem cells prove to be beneficial, as long as this method is widely used, it takes years. The third form of research that should be done, researchers will answer the question for whom this treatment is useful and at what stage of the disease, the treatment did stem cell.

The use of embryonic stem cells is that the critics do not ethical. Lord Alton of anti-abortion activist says, "Sure, the fetus can not consent to the use of Bnyadyash cells and this raises important ethical considerations".



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