Silicone application in medicine

What most of us primarily associated silicone. Probably with some plastic surgery procedures. Actually, it is clear that the section of medicine without this chemical compound can not manage. But in fact, with silicone we deal everywhere. He is a member of various cosmetics and even available in many foods.

The substance is made of silicon, the substance itself, depending on the arrangement of the molecules may have different shapes - from the powder to the elastic polymer.

Medicine drew attention to the silicone more than 50 years ago. The reason for that was the unique properties of this chemical compound. Like no other substance, it is characterized by high biocompatibility, is a flexible, reliable, flexible material that everything else is easily sterilized. Furthermore, it exhibits a high resistance to aggressive chemical environments. All these qualities made the most preferred silicone material used for the introduction into the human body.

Application of the substance for medical purposes very well. It acts as a coating syringes, needles, blood transfusion systems. Through the lenses of silicone people suffering cataract return eyesight. Are silicone components in cardiopulmonary bypass. Of this material make artificial joints. Not to mention the plastic surgery, which it has been possible to create virtually safe implants, by which performed breast augmentation, reshaping other body parts, as well as individuals. To learn more about medical silicone visit http://siliconegaskets.hubpages.com/hub/Understanding-Silicone-Gaskets

Of course, so widespread silicone raises questions about its safety for human health. Especially when it comes to breast implants. Breast Implants - a procedure is quite affordable and extremely popular. At the moment in the world of about 2 million women have already passed such an operation. This allowed to accumulate a large amount of information for analyzing the impact of silicone on the body and determine the extent of its influence on the risk of developing breast cancer and specific autoimmune pathologies. Generalization of the practice to date has not produced any convincing evidence that the substance is able to cause these diseases.

During the last 50 years in different countries repeatedly conducted studies involving women with breast prostheses. Each time, the results showed that the presence of silicone implants in no way affected the risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, plastic surgery in Moscow associated with increasing bust, and probably will continue to be extremely popular.

With regard to autoimmune diseases, it should be understood that silicone implants for manufacturing widely used thanks to its neutrality with respect to the human body. Naturally, many people with these prostheses will diagnoses of autoimmune diseases, but their development is determined by quite different factors.


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