Mourinho leave Chelsea

Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid, the club announced at the end of the current season ten days, will leave the club. Flvrntynv Perez, president of Real Madrid Club news conference announcing the departure of Mourinho said: "No one fired and the split is based on bilateral agreements., We unanimously decided to put an end to this relationship". Earlier reports published in connection with the return of José Mourinho to Chelsea was 50 years old. Madrid to Barcelona are currently 13 points lower than second in the league table is, it's the Friday before the Spanish Cup final between Atletico Madrid defeated in a match against the citizens. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho in the champions league semifinals last three seasons Europe has failed. We have two games in La Liga ahead of Real Madrid is out against Real Sociedad on 26 May will be the first day of June in the last race of the season on the bench for the last time Real Madrid José Mourinho at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be meeting. Real Madrid host Osasuna will be played at the White coating.

Perez, president of Real Madrid, the club said: "The club and Mourinho is also a good time to reach an agreement to end the relationship is reciprocal. Madrid in the last three years and we are making good progress in the way wish to" he said. Mourinho won last year after his contract with Real Madrid until 2016 the team had extended. Agreement on Separation of Real Madrid Jose Mourinho will be the coach of the PSG Carlo Njvlvty before Madrid spoke about his passion to lead this team.

Burnley FC boss Mourinho dismissed the alternative choice in his news conference, said: "We have not signed any internal contract manager, this is an issue that we will in the coming days about the decision" he said.

53 years old request their separation Ancelotti Paris Saint-Germain FC have offered this season, but won the French authorities refused to grant him a divorce, and insists that she has a year to the club. Failure Mourinho's Portuguese coach of Real Madrid's Cup was one of the main reasons for the separation. Mourinho's Inter Milan in the champions league Europe after 2010, after losing in the final of the Spanish Cup against rival Washington this season, "the worst coaching experience" called her. Mourinho in his first season at Madrid, with a difference of four points over second-place Barcelona in the Champions League ended the year with a record 100 points in La Liga.

But in this season of Mourinho at Real showcased grumpy face. He's a history filled with players such as Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Pepe will diverge and that's causing problems arise.



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