Winning casino strategies chased by players

Ever since the creation of casino players chasing the winning strategy in different games. Had not yet been adequately studied, "Mathematics" casino and many thought that only need to find the right strategy, which will become rich.

Now everything is different. There are specialized forums, websites, videos, courses, programs - all of which should help the novice, to explain to him how to play. But, surprisingly, such an abundance of information only encourages players to create new supposedly winning strategies.

Many simply can not accept the fact that relatively simple games can not be won. And people do not understand such difficult. Indeed, even experienced players like to try a new strategy for winning at roulette or craps, but deep down know very well that to win at the distance they still can not.

Basic concepts in roulette

All casino games have different profitability for the player. Some even allow you to have an advantage over the casino, others simply kill all chances of a player at least some stable income.

Each game has its own expectation - the main characteristic, which should pay attention to any player. In fact, this rate of return, the chances of winning the return game. All winning strategy in the casino depends on mathematical expectation, and if it is less than unity (or 100%), the win in a game like this can not in principle.

But the stubbornness of some players makes them chase loopholes. Another thing is that to win in every game possible and even a lot, but only in the short term. Here we are faced with another term - dispersion. This range of values ​​relative to the mean.

The greater the variance in the game, the stronger it will scatter wins and losses. For example, one day you can be in the black at $ 1000, and the second - in the red by $ 2,000, he will play the same way, that is supposedly used the same winning strategy.

Fight dispersion possible, but difficult. Typically, the smoothing effects of the dispersion to be played for a very long time (the entire range of values ​​was not so noticeable). But if you play a long time in almost any of the casino games, the casino advantage is manifested - another characteristic of any game, the return expected payoff.

The house edge - on average, it yields a casino with every wager. For example, many people know that the house edge in American roulette is more than 5%. This means that in the long run, on average, with each bet casino will have a profit of 5%.

Then, it turns out - you need to play more, and at the same time you can not play anymore. Here's a paradox, which is typical for many games. It remains to look for the game with the least variance and the lowest casino advantage - perhaps this will be the main strategy of winning.

Winning strategies in different games

Online you can find a table with the advantage of a casino in all games with all kinds of modifications. These tables are approximate, but they give an idea of ​​your future profitability of the optimal strategy in the casino.

According to these tables, the house advantage can vary from 0.1% to 30% or more. This means that in some games you will save significant money on the race, but perhaps because of the frenzied dispersion your winnings will be more than a short length of time than in other games.

It is understood that if you put a lot in relation to the total amount of your cash, you'll be hard to disperse dispersion. The casino games such a strategy is unlikely to be winning if the only purpose of it is not a short-term disperse dispersion.

In any game winning strategy implies a rate of a reasonable size, but it is not recommended for beginners to play for high stakes.

So, what games are more beneficial in terms of the expectation?

In general, it is necessary to remember the general rule in most card games you will not be strongly dominated by the casino. In some embodiments, a standard blackjack casino advantage will be not more than 0.1% (and a skilled player can get a plus), in video poker, usually expectation is also very high (about 99.5%). Baccarat can also be a useful game, if you put on the banker (the casino's advantage in this case is a little over 1%). The same applies to some bets in craps.

In these games, you can easily have a winning strategy for a short distance. As you can see, in the long run you will not win (except Blackjack), but play will be negligible.

In other games, the house edge much more, such as keno, it may be 35%, which is just a rip off.

If we talk about the variance in the types of lottery games you will not find winning strategies. There is a huge dispersion (bet often, the return is a rare, but most), and the expectation of one of the lowest.

In general, the variance is also higher where you bet on rare events, such as loss of a certain number in roulette. The less often you get back your bet with a profit or not, the higher the dispersion, and therefore the less likely winning strategy in this game. True, he gains in quantitative terms, there will be more. Rather, you would seem so.

Casino: roulette winning strategy

Just note that it does not exist. You can find a lot of "D" on this subject on the Internet, even buy a proper book or training course, but to win at roulette systematically still will not work.

Older systems such as the Martingale, Waitakere, d'Alembert rampant, but not profitable. Especially the first. All of them involve some sort of progression (ie, increase or decrease in rates), which is detrimental to you, since you thereby enhance dispersion. With such supposedly winning strategy casino games you can fool the variance but not the expectation that can not be changed. You simply increase the risk of using the big bets to compensate losses, and increase the chance of losing all the money that is inevitable.

Such a strategy for winning at roulette promoted by the casino, and trusting players peck. In any case do not fall for these tricks. If you are going to use any winning strategy, be sure to check whether you need to risk large sums of money in it, what is the variance.

Any specialized resources you will find a variety of strategies. Some of them are based on the increase / decrease rates, others are divided into sectors roulette or try to find some useful patterns. Try to use a winning strategy, which gives a small profit, but does not make you much risk.

Casino: a strategy of winning at blackjack

Blackjack is the one game where a skilled player can withdraw its expectation plus. But it is worth to mention that it is possible, as a rule, only in live casinos or video blackjack, when you play online, but you can see a live dealer deal the cards.

If you use the so-called "basic strategy" for playing blackjack, you are guaranteed to reduce your house edge to almost zero.

The basic strategy is a mathematically verified system solutions depending on your cards and the dealer's up card. This winning strategies will allow you to learn the basic intricacies of the game. You will have to follow a predetermined decisions in certain situations, for example, almost always doubling, if you have 11 points on the hands.

More complex strategy of winning are based on counting cards. That's where you need to see a real dealer and know the amount of real decks. The fact is that online blackjack deck is either infinite or mixed after each hand, respectively, in this case it is impossible to score cards. Moreover, in some blackjack casino may be podkruchen, i.e. give some cards frequently than usual.

In any case, to find a winning strategy or training is recommended to test your skills in blackjack for real money. Copies of this game can be found on the network.


Let's summarize all of the above.

Firstly, the casino has an advantage initially in all games with a few exceptions (such as bonus shares). Therefore, in any case you will not be able to play on, plus long distance. The best outcome would be a game to zero.

The advantage of the casino may be up to 35%. At best, you can get a plus a few percent, and that in a real casino.

Next, you should always pay attention to the variance in your winning strategy in the casino. The higher the variance, the more you can win a short period of time. You should look for the game with the lowest variance and highest expected value, if you are going to play regularly.

Play for high stakes worth it if you want to overclock the dispersion and play just a few times. With this strategy, casino games, bet better when there are high chances of winning (for example, blackjack or equal chances in roulette).

And remember, do not believe every word read "super" Strategies in the casino. Take the test the yes, and for a long time, and then judge.


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